Answering the Call

– Photo by Leah Schroeder

All it takes is one action of following an intuitive nudge to entirely shift one’s life.  Sometimes it is a thought that enters into one’s consciousness.  Other times it might be a suggestion or idea presented by someone else, planting the seed of change.

A few years ago, that seed was planted for me.  At the time, the suggestion was not a direction I was open to.  A year and a half ago, something shifted in my life and the suggestion was made again.  This time I was ready for it.  The past year and a half I have been taking step by step actions in preparation for a major life change.

In a few days, I will be getting in my vehicle, leaving my life behind in Winnipeg, the city of my birth, and moving to the mountains, to an area I have never visited.  I have shed many of my possessions, keeping those items that have the most meaning for me at this time, or what I will use regularly, keeping in mind that I wish to create a life where I can build a tiny home or small cabin, garden and create what I need to sustain myself.  It has been a very freeing process to let go of stuff.

I have approached this process from a place of honouring the connections I have in the city I grew up in, and the sacred places that have hugely impacted my life. I have brought closure to different parts of my life and/or relationships that had unfinished or unresolved aspects to them.  There has been the opportunity for healing for both myself and others in this process.  By the time I leave, there will be nothing left unsaid or unfinished.

A beautiful thing I have observed as I began the process of transitioning out of my businesses and life in Winnipeg, is seeing that leaving has created space for others to flourish and step up to honouring their gifts and they accept the call to carry on the work I was doing here.  That has applies to my healing practise, bookkeeping and administrative work, and family roles.  It gives me a great deal of joy to see how other people are benefiting from this change.

When the idea first came to me, I thought I would be waiting until my mother had passed on.  There came a point where I realized I couldn’t keep putting my life on hold, waiting for that time.  She and I have had somewhat of a co-dependent relationship for the past several years, especially since my dad transitioned.  As much as I wanted for her to be the one to let go first, it needed to be me.  It has been important for me to make the tough choices to move towards what is calling me.  There are a few people in my life that are hard to leave, but I know with every fibre of my being that this is what I need to do.  I trust that this and whatever happens for everyone connected to me in some way, that this is in the highest and best for all.  It isn’t just about me or what I want.

Often people ask me what I will be doing when I get to that area in the mountains, or where specifically I will be.  I don’t have a lot of answers.  I know I will be essentially homeless next week.  I will stay with my younger sister for a week.  I will spend a couple of months on a few different organic farms, gardening and helping out with whatever is needed, in exchange for room and board.  This will be an opportunity to create some space to allow the new to enter in and to connect with the land that will become my home. I will continue on with the healing work that I do and likely the bookkeeping or administrative work in some capacity.  I know my role as a lightworker will expand and change and that more will be revealed to me when I get to the area I am heading to.

I am at peace.  I feel deep gratitude for this place that has been my home for the past 52 years and for all the people that have come and gone from my life that have shaped my journey, as well as all of those who are currently in my life that have encouraged and supported this move.  I feel deeply blessed.  I am excited to explore the unknown and discover what lies ahead. I am looking forward to meeting all the souls that will be there with me through this next phase of life.

It has been interesting observing people I connect with before I go.  I have expressed to a few people that it is almost as if I am dying. I am honoured to have been able to touch so many people in such a way that they would feel that.  My life has equally been touched by each one of them.

There is a saying that has followed me since I was a teenager that I am reminded of as I get ready to leave.  “When you come to the edge of all the light you know, and step out into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing you will have something solid to land on, or you will learn to fly.”  It is time for me to fly.

Blessings to each of you, who have touched my life, and have been a part of shaping who I am.  I have so much love and gratitude in my heart for each one of you.


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Leah Schroeder is a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor, and ThetaHealing® Practitioner, .  “I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. For most of my life this has been and currently is the place I call home. I spent 17 years working in Financial Services.  A strong sense that there is something more I am supposed to do in the world, a fascination with energy and a series of intuitive nudges have led me to begin practising Reiki,  ThetaHealing®, and IET®. I have a desire to learn, practice, and teach other healing modalities, empowering others to help shift the consciousness of humanity.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and stories with you.”