Inner Fire

Photo by Leah Schroeder

There is a fire that burns deep within my soul.  It is there whether I am aware of it or not, whether I feel it or not.  I am in a continual process of purifying, shifting, and evolving like a rock whose surface has become smooth over time from the constant flow of water wearing away the rough edges.

I am a transmitter of peace and love without any effort on my part.  All I need to do is be.  I am pure love.

Some days I don’t feel very peaceful, and life around me pulls me off centre.  I get frustrated and angry and swear.  I have moments of feeling very alone and cry myself to sleep, calling out to the Universe for support, because I don’t want to walk this road on my own anymore.  Sometimes I work long hours on things that don’t necessarily feed my soul.  At times I have the perception that I am living a life that is required of me in this moment, leaving me feeling empty, and drained of life, wandering around in the dark.

Even in those times, the fire still burns.  The light that is within, the light that is me, still shines.  It is still my compass.  Even when I don’t realize it, I am still birthing something new.  I am the creator of my life and the world I am a part of.

When I have moments of feeling off kilter, time in the forest brings me back into balance.  Trees stand tall and firm in their place, even when the winds blow strong.  They may sway from side to side, but when the wind calms, they return to center, their roots, their foundation, holding them strong in their place.  When in the forest, all the “stuff” I carried with me when I entered falls away, and I am aligned with my present experience.  It is not the forest that does this for me.  It is my own Source connection that calls me there and my choice to follow that voice that brings my frequency into alignment with the forest and pure love.

The process of life, evolution and shifting consciousness, is the continual movement in and out of alignment, with the core becoming stronger with each ebb and flow.  As strength is gained it becomes easier to be in alignment with that inner fire, with the Source connection, that point of creation, and to surrender to it.

Like the spine of a feather, no matter how far I veer off of my divine purpose, my Source connection, my divine spark is always there to help me find my way. The fire continues to grow, drawing me back home.


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