Preparing for Great Change

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Photo by Leah Schroeder

These words have been brewing for a bit waiting to be released in written form.  I don’t know what will emerge as I open myself to allow my thoughts to flow.

I mentioned a few months ago, feeling like I am in a process of birthing.  I have more clarity surrounding that process now. There is a big wave of change coming and I am preparing.   I could say it will be and already is a significantly defining moment in my life. I feel that within every fibre of my being.

I have spent the past month and a half engaged in some deep self-healing/transformation and have more to come in the next few months.  I have been having visions of important actions for me to take over the next while to bring closure to this phase of my life so I can move forward freely into the next.  I am fully committed to this process, not holding back any longer.  I am no longer waiting for certain things in my life to line up, or other people to let go, so that I can go forward.

There has been some grieving through this process as I acknowledged the transition to Spirit one of my mentors, a woman who has had a great impact on my life.  She will continue to have a presence and significance in my life as I move forward.  There are other forms of grief being processed within me as I release attachment to roles I have played in order to make space for the new.

In the last few weeks there have been a few events happening around me that have been in my thoughts.  I am not sure exactly how it fits into my process at the moment, but I have been able to observe without attachment.  Something that would have triggered me in the past brought to my awareness compassion and empathy.  I was very aware that I was no longer angry and wasn’t even interested in going there when others attempted to pull me into it.

When I began to feel the deep pain of the situation, instead of reacting to it, I chose to spend some time in meditation, sending love to all those involved.  It brought to my awareness that the most important thing for me to do in that moment was to shift my energy.  Doing so brought me a sense of peace.  Everyone involved had lessons to learn, including me as the observer.  I am grateful for this new level of awareness.  I feel somehow this is an important part of the process I am in the middle of.

I have an awareness that the karmic lessons of my life are showing themselves once more to challenge me to move through them.  Instead of feeling powerless, I embrace my power and create space for my light to shine through.  I embrace the expression of the Divine that I am.  I am shedding the old layers I have carried and blossoming into a new way of being and living.

As I write this, I bring my awareness to the beauty of life that surrounds me: the plants that I have been gifted to care for lined up in front of my window, all the trees out my front window that create a magnificent canopy over the road and house along the street that I live on.  I enjoyed an afternoon at the lake a few days ago, feeling surrounded by the coolness of the water and aware of the majestic sky carrying amazing cloud formations.  Life is really magical when I observe what surrounds me.

Every moment I experience is an incredible blessing.  I am grateful for the lessons, for the continuous challenge to shift my consciousness, raise my vibration, and support others as they do the same.  I am grateful to be at a place in my life where I can step fully into my divine calling, completely surrendering and trusting the road will reveal itself as I continue to take steps forward, and knowing that I am fully surrounded and supported in the process.

Blessings to you.


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Leah Schroeder is a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor, and ThetaHealing® Practitioner, .  “I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. For most of my life this has been and currently is the place I call home. I spent 17 years working in Financial Services.  A strong sense that there is something more I am supposed to do in the world, a fascination with energy and a series of intuitive nudges have led me to begin practising Reiki,  ThetaHealing®, and IET®. I have a desire to learn, practice, and teach other healing modalities, empowering others to help shift the consciousness of humanity.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and stories with you.”


Rise of The Sacred Feminine – The Lodge of Everlasting Life

The Women’s Lodge – Photo by Leah Schroeder

One of the founders of The Mother Earth Gathering Womyn of All Nations received instruction through a dream three years ago, to build The Lodge of Everlasting Life. This was a gift from the ancestor whose remains were found and re-buried in the area near Seven Sisters Falls.  It was a gift for the women.  She was the same ancestor who guided the founders to bring together the women to this area.  One of the elders taught her this lodge was a very powerful ancient lodge that was used for ceremony and fasting. It was a lodge that wasn’t being used anymore.

Over this past year we talked about it often. It was important to build it for this year’s gathering.  When I learned more about this lodge in the weeks preceding the gathering, bringing it back became even more significant.

A month before this gathering, I fasted at our gathering site for a few days. During my time there I thought about this lodge. It felt like this was a task for the women to build together. It was something we were reclaiming.

A few days before the gathering, a small group of us were called together to build this lodge. I set out early in the morning with two other women to begin gathering saplings for this project. It seemed appropriate and powerful to have three women begin this process – a divine number.

When we arrived at the gathering site, we looked around for appropriate trees. We were looking for young Ash, Birch, or Tamarack. On the west side of the site is a large outcropping of granite rock. On the north side is a river. On the east side is a wooded area and to the south is a dried up marsh area with a narrow stream running through it that flows into the river. It was through this area we decided to go in search of the trees we needed. On the other side of this marshy area was another wooded area where we were guided to go.

We made our way through the marsh, jumped over the stream and headed into the woods. We found a grove of what we thought were Ash, but later found out were Alder. We were told they carried Unicorn Energy, which somehow felt fitting for reclaiming this ancient lodge that had been lost. An eagle circled over us as we arrived at this spot, letting us know this was where we needed to be. One of the women asked the young trees, which ones wanted to be part of our lodge. For each one that said yes, tobacco was offered and we began the work of chopping down these saplings.

We were told we would need about fifty-six saplings to form the lodge. In the first hour and a half, the three of us had fifteen ready. We cleaned off most of the branches to make it easier to haul them back to the gathering site. I carried five saplings, dragging them out of the woods, through the long, dried grass of the marsh, over the stream, through more marsh until I arrived back at the gathering site. As I dragged these saplings I was aware of the power and significance of what I was a part of. It felt like I was making a sacred pilgrimage.

As we arrived at the site with the first set of saplings, more help arrived. We sent them off to get the next batch of saplings. The person providing the teachings found some taller Ash in the wood area to the east of the gathering site, and was very quickly able to harvest enough to make up what was needed for the lodge.

More people arrived to help. After lunch we walked around the site to find the perfect spot to build the lodge and began the process of marking out the area, digging holes for the poles and assembling the lodge. The process was a beautiful ceremony. There were both women and men helping and supporting each other through this process.

We received some very basic teachings of the lodge as we built it. We were told this year was about learning to build it. Every year it will get bigger and we will learn more as we go. Once the frame of the lodge was complete, our work for the day was done. The energy inside this space was warm, comforting and strong. Some of the leaves were left on the tops of the trees that were used. The lodge frame was simple, but beautiful with the added greenery. It felt alive which acknowledged its connection with the Earth.

Two days later people began to arrive to set up for this year’s Mother Earth Gathering Womyn of All Nations. I was asked to lead a pipe and water ceremony on the first morning of the gathering, inside the Women’s Lodge, as we referred to it, to pray for blessing for this lodge and the gathering and open and prepare it for use during our time together. It was both humbling and an honour to be asked to take care of this task.

When I woke up that morning, mist rising from the river, the horizon just turning pink, I didn’t see anyone else stirring yet. I had no drum to call people together, so I entered the Women’s Lodge on my own. I prepared a smudge and walked with it around the outside of the lodge and then around the inside. I sat in the centre of the lodge and prayed the strongest prayers I have ever prayed and felt in my heart as I held my pipe. I prayed prayers of gratitude for this lodge and to Spirit for being there to guide and support us. I prayed for guidance and for deep healing for this gathering. I smoked my pipe and continued with praying for blessings and healing for the water. I was joined by one other woman during this time.

A few hours later I asked one woman to help me begin to dig a fire pit in the centre of the lodge. We worked together for a short while. Then one of the men helped me with digging it out the rest of the way. As we were working on this, another woman stood at the entrance of the lodge and began to play some spiritually guided music on her wooden flute. She played in the four directions, both inside and outside the lodge as we continued to work. This was another powerful, sacred moment.

Tarps were added around the outside of the lodge, with the centre open for the fire.

That evening, the lodge was filled with people as we shared in a powerful full moon ceremony. At one point, before it got dark, we were gifted with a rainbow that could be partially seen through the opening in the top of the lodge.

We sang and drummed and shared and let go of a lot of inner stuff that needed to be released and healed that night. We did that inside the protective, loving warmth of the Women’s Lodge, connected with our Mother Earth and receiving the loving energy of Grandmother Moon. It was a sacred experience completely guided by Spirit. It was beautiful. It was powerful.

This beautiful ancient lodge, a powerful symbol of the Sacred Feminine has been re birthed and reclaimed. May the loving energy of this action radiate out to empower women around the world to embrace the power of their own sacredness. This is where we start to heal and bring humanity back into balance with the Earth.

Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

Leah Schroeder is a Reiki Master, ThetaHealing® and Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner, . “I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. For most of my 49 years this has been and currently is the place I call home. I spent 17 years working in Financial Services. A strong sense that there is something more I am supposed to do in the world, a fascination with energy and a series of intuitive nudges have led me to begin practising Reiki , ThetaHealing®, and now IET®. I have a desire to learn and practise other healing modalities, as well as serve children and empower young women around the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and stories with you.”


Pace Your Day With Music


by Kara Johnstad

Music can often make or break your day.

Everything around has a pulse, a rhythm. Not only music. Our words have a rhythm and tone. The music we listen to has a rhythm and tone. Our heart has a rhythm and tone. The earth has a rhythm and tone; … the weather patterns; … the cycles of nature. Our circulatory system is pulsating – surge and release. We are rhythmical beings.

Athletes have known for many years the effects of using the proper music to pace them in running long distances. They use music consciously in training. They use music to pace distances and interestingly enough in high pressure situations. Take for example the final 3 minutes of a soccer game. The score is tied. There is a foul and the referee calls for a free shot. Studies have shown that recalling a positive upbeat rhythmic melody line and mentally singing it, a song such as “always look at the bright side of life, improves greatly  the chance of staying calm and focused  and making the shot.


Young Lady enjoying music

 Simply by connecting with a positive rhythmical melody line,  

relaxes us when under pressure
and can improve our overall  performance.

Which means if you are slipping into overwhelm after a tiring rehearsal or meeting, standing in traffic, can you recall a positive upbeat tune you love and change your mood? Or perhaps you need some slow drones and rhythmical mantras to take the tension out and put the love intention back into the room.

When the phone rings off the hook and you are not sure how to get everything done in time, can playing some simple Bach Prelude in the background help  bring you back into the moment and slow down and go from overwhelm and scattered to a clear focused mind?

Can we learn from top professional athletes and use music as a tool to help set the tone not only for giving a top performance, but also throughout the entire day?

Music can help us pace the day so that we can arrive in the evening at the finishing line having accomplished what we need to do in a healthy and balanced state of mind.

Voice Your Essence Podcast by Kara Johnstad
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How can we create a playlist 
that keeps us from choking under pressure  
and helps us to pace our day?  

Soothing music is known to decrease stress and decrease the level of the stress hormone cortisol. And yet upbeat music can also relieve fatigue and boost our energy.

Man listening to music
Although we do not become entirely synchronised by merely listening to music, it still has an influence on how we move throughout the day, how we talk, and how we communicate.

Very closely associated with the type of pulse of music is the pace.

For example, why do we feel that time moves more slowly in the countryside; that we can relax more and “calm down” a bit?

The reason that the feeling of time moves quicker in the big city has greatly to do with the pulsating rhythms of the metropol. Take away the audible sounds and sirens and moving traffic and machinery and replace it with the sound of chirping crickets and time will seem like it is standing still.

Many things affect us. We can not close off our ears easily. The music or pulsations and frequencies that we hear do have an effect on us.

While listening to other’s stories listen for the beat. The words, the melody. Listen in to the pace that is happening around you. And see if you can create the pace you need by consciously pacing and spacing your words as you join in conversations and using music in your environment to stay in tune.

You as the listener and creator of your life determine the final impact that the music will have on your system. How much you allow yourself to participate consciously in the power that music has to transform our days into perfectly balanced gems.

Your music library gives you unprecedented control how you set the pace and organize the rhythm of your day. Most likely the music you play on a lazy Sunday morning is very different than the music you play on a long run. The music you listen to while cooking maybe different than the music you listen to while trying to get packed and out the door to catch a flight.

By paying close attention to your inner voice and the pulse, pace, and patterns of the music you are listening to and the spacing and tone of your words in a conversation, you can create a sonic diet plan. 

Young lady listening to music with closed eyes
If you are prone to anxiety and stress, you now have another tool to use for staying in balance.

It is easy to pace your day and stay energized, refreshed and always relaxed if you listen to your inner voice and allow the music within and without  to pace your day.

Much love,



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Thank you, as always, for tuning in, reading and contributing.


Voice Your Essence Podcast by Kara Johnstad
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Kara Johnstad is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and a powerful voice in the time and age of transition. She is a singer / songwriter, founder of the Voice Your Essence Community  and creator of the Voice Your Essence™  and Voice Your Biz™ Program, She is also a regular contributor  to THE DAILY SISTERHOOD BLOG. If you are ready to take your voice and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription of her weekly eZine, at     

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Please enjoy Kara’s encore while she prepares for her concert in Rome.


by Kara Johnstad

There is a movement happening right now.
It is the movement of conscious storytelling.

Connecting? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Whether we are connecting back to ourselves or to our close network of friends, we adore the feeling of being connected; it is a deeply satisfying experience.


Now, storytelling has been around since ages. Everybody loves a good story. So where is the evolutionary piece in all of this? What is happening out there that is new? Author Daniel Pink brought out a book called “The Whole New Mind” where he talks about us leaving the “Information Age” and entering into the “Conception Age”.

So if the iconic figures of the information age, let’s say, were Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who are the people that are going to lead us in these new times? Where is all this technology and its ability to connect the world at a rapid pace taking us to?

Well, history is teaching us. Long ago the emperors and religious leaders had the monopoly on those STORIES that were being publicly performed and shared. Only few people were given the chance to perform and only few stories were to be told. And, they had to be performed exactly how the powerful aristocracy and clergy wished us to perceive them.


Many centuries later, we entered into the “IN FORMATION” age, the age of printed mass media, television and film. Now, it is us that allow a few select people to feed us their mainstream stories, and by this, we are constantly focused on the “OTHER”.

With its quasi monopoly in the film and music industry, Hollywood keeps conditioning us with their endless stream of uniform stories. All in all however, it is only a few select recording artists, dominated by four major record labels, which control the market, that keep feeding us the love songs that generations are listening to while making love and the disco hits that we are dancing to.

The owners of the media corporations and their leaders are not even the story tellers, but merely business people exercising the BUY & SELL of a good story (often not good ones, but marketable to the main stream). Nevertheless, the creators, the artists and poets behind those stories more often than not remain penniless, although their faces and stories are selling millions and are known far and wide. There are a few rare exceptions to the rule which many young artists try to follow suit in delusional deception.

This reminds me of a beautiful inscription by an anonymous author on a headstone in Green River Cemetery, Springs NY, where Jackson Pollack, Elaine de Kooning and other artists found their resting place. It says:

“Artists and poets are the raw nerve ends of humanity.
By themselves they can do little to save humanity.
Without them there would be little worth saving.”

As far as the print media is concerned, the tabloids still thrive on the latest news of the royal family, or on “Brangelina’s” newest family adventure. Some artists may deliberately ride this wave, the vast majority of artists have to make a large number of personal sacrifices in order to become publicly recognized, often having their private and intimate parts of their lives exposed and commercially exploited to satiate the masses’ hunger for a story, which serves as a substitute for the audience’s lack of a satisfying relationship, financial well-being, or as a means for securely living out darker aspects of their personality.

Most of us are kept starving intellectually, emotionally and spiritually due to a (imaginary) lack of own, real and authentic STORIES. We are willingly ready to swallow anything and everything, just to gossip about those boxed phrases parrot like without any further reflection.

What few of us realize is that our hunger would be stilled if we started valuing our own life experiences and consciously living through them.

So, what is changing, now? We – each of us – are changing!


We are starting to understand the powerful social media tools that are being offered to us in this day and age. Internet is changing and reshaping our world as we perceive it and live in it. We are beginning to understand that each and every one of us has a voice in this world.

starts with YOU owning your story!

Think of this:
“I have permission to fully express myself.”

There are 7 billion people on earth and only ONE of them has walked in your shoes! “So what?” you may ask. “What is so special about this? I am just one of many. How and why should my little story change anything at all?”

WOW, THIS IS HUGE! “I have permission to fully express myself!” It is a big responsibility. We can no longer blame the media or the record labels or the film industry for producing things we want or do not want to see. We now have the keys to the kingdom in our own hands:

We have the freedom to create and publish our own works!
(Bye bye, big labels and publishers.)

We have the freedom to work in any format!
(Hello, seven minute radio hits.)

We have the freedom to distribute our works worldwide!
(Hurray, Amazon, iTunes, etsy, CD baby, Lulu and all you others, we love you!)

We are happily creating and sharing our stories globally
while being on the move!
(Uploading it within the blink of an eye.)

Yes, OK, but why is this so revolutionary?

Because the greatest connections happen through powerful stories,
bringing the Global Mind – Global Heart to life!

Yes, in this last decade we have mastered this “inner-peace” part of the puzzle. Or, at least we know the importance of taking time to REFLECT; taking time to REGENERATE and making room for some DOWN TIME. We have gone through those health books and switched our mind sets to THINKING POSITIVE. We are striving to live that ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE and have worked hard to change our mind-sets into moving FROM VICTIM TO VICTORIOUS. We have had a couple of therapies and CLEARED OUR ISSUES and have filled journals with our reflections and musings.


Where to turn next after having had those overwhelming moments of DIVINE BLISS and all-engulfing glimpses of DEEP SILENCE? Well, if you ask me, this is the new thrill!


What I am experiencing in my Voice Your Essence™ coaching sessions with my clients, is that they are SHINING when they tap into their SOURCE. The simple secrets are:

find access to your own source of creativity and start owning who you truly are.

relax with your own stories, be it the good, bad or ugly ones,
simply celebrate all there is to be experienced.

then transformation sets in, and a power arises which is unstoppable!


The ones who dare to put their fingerprint on this world are not afraid of what anyone else is saying. They are often considered the misfits. The ones who stick out. Deep down inside, they are the ones who move us to explore new places. WHY? Because they own it! We all have that misfit part in us, which is actually the magic puzzle piece waiting to be exposed.

To “find your voice in this world” dig a bit deeper,
and share a bit more of what really moves you.

Give it a try! You may want to use the stillness and space of this holiday season
to share your experience with friends, and
to become visible with everything that is touched in you.

As you learn the art of embracing your very unique story – remember you are one in 7 BILLION – just that sheer fact is mind-blowing, and absolutely nobody else is having your unique fingerprint or YOUR STORY. Start honoring it.


Stay Gold,

Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

Kara Johnstad is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and a powerful voice in the time and age of transition. She is a singer / songwriter, creator of The Essence Radio Show™, and founder of the Voice Your Essence Mastery Program™. If you liked today’s article, you’ll also enjoy listening to Kara’s soulful music as part of your daily ritual of reconnecting to source or jump onto the next level and experience personally the power of your true authentic voice with Kara Johnstad’s Voice Your Essence™ Mastery Program.

Resonance Healing

What is Resonance Healing? Well, first we need something of an understanding of what “resonance” is.

When we read something that feels true to us we often say “that really resonates with me” or when two voices sing in harmony and cause a vibratory tone we might think of their voices as resonating. Online dictionary gives this definition for resonance: “the state of a system in which an abnormally large vibration is produced in response to an external stimulus, occurring when the frequency of the stimulus is the same, or nearly the same, as the natural vibration frequency of the system.”

Joy Messick describes resonance healing as “an alchemical process, which blends the vibration/resonance of Earth and consciousness/light of humanity into a new form; a new energy.”  It is a method of energy healing which pulls in the energy of the earth and fuses it with the practitioner’s energy and then is transferred to the client through the hands, much like Reiki.

Resonance healing is not controlled by the mind, but by the intention, and does not cause a physical healing to occur, but allows the body to heal itself. The energy impersonally goes where it is needed and the resonance practitioner does not need an advanced degree or special equipment to make it happen. “Resonance Healing has the capacity to allow us consciously, through effort and intentionality to connect with the vibrational energy of the earth, which is much larger than the individual vibration of humans.”

When my dear friend and Reiki Master Mary Mann demonstrated this technique for me, and then had me practice it even before reading Joy’s book, it felt exactly like what I had experienced when practicing Reiki. For me, even though I know the energy is not controlled by the mind, I like to at least center myself for a minute first. I stand with my feet deeply rooted to the earth and I like to imagine that as I exhale deeply and then breathe in even more deeply, I am breathing in the energy and it fills my body. I feel the earth’s energy rise up through my feet, my legs, my chest and out through my hands. I can feel that familiar tingling heat in my palms and the seemingly magnetic push and pull type pressure that feels like the energy is pulsing through and around me.

In her book, Joy describes this energy transference as “the fusion of the Earth’s vibrational energy with human consciousness provides the unified field that allows us to be fully ourselves.” She says “We all have the capacity to heal but first we need to make the conscious connection with the resonance, which allows us to maximize our potential.”

As with Reiki, I am still learning and practicing, but it excites me to know we don’t have to be victimized or feel helpless to disease or suffering. I am not advocating giving up on Western medicine. Resonance healing is not going to set a broken bone, but may facilitate a speedier process for the body to heal itself. Using resonance healing as a modality to aide in achieving a balance of energy toward good health is free and available to each one of us and it never becomes depleted. It works in support of whatever other type of healing method is used. Why not learn how to use these techniques as yet another tool of empowerment?

This is a mural I painted at our house. I wanted to depict the energy rising up out of the earth and swirling through this colorful tree and out into the sky. The two sculptures seen on either side were done by artist and friend, Julie Seberry

If you are interested in learning more about this technique, you can order the book from this website at is also information there about workshops and additional training opportunities, or you may be able to find a qualified practitioner or resonance healing teacher near you.