What does it take?

It feels like so many would just like to know what it takes to heal what is going on with us, each individually and as humans collectively. From my view what it takes is decision, the cutting away of all else. Its a matter of whether we feel at cause or at effect in our lives. Do we wait to see what life dishes out or decide moving forward, what we choose. Not deciding in favor of what you’d like, is agreeing to what you’d rather not have happen.

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

When we decide we set our focus. It seems so much easier to understand from a viewpoint of our electronic tools that we can put our hands on and look at and understand the use of. When we decide on a goal, something we would like to manifest in our lives, its like putting your destination into Google maps or setting a GPS. The equipment sets the suggested path to that destination eliminating any concern of how to get there.

Since what we focus on grows, focusing on a destination draws it to us or us to it. With the decision of what we’d like to choose, what is important is to create the vision of what we desire, as if its happening. A friend was very angry with his ex because she was not allowing him contact with his 6 yr old son living in a different state. He fussed and fumed about it. I suggested he take all that outward energy and turn it inward to think of how it would feel when he heard his son’s voice saying, “Hi Daddy!” Hear the sounds, smell the smells, feel the expansion in your chest and the resulting sigh when he could release that space into the now.

He held that feeling for 48 hrs and then was talking to his son. Another friend lamented estrangement from her 4 daughters, I made the same suggestion, feel the emotion connected with “Hi Mom”, allow the space for it and just hold it. Within 48 hrs she had heard from two of them.

A friend’s daughter had a stroke as a very young mother, it was a congenital issue that required brain surgery. Her mother was so scared and frustrated and at her wits end. I told her to hold nothing but the vision of her daughter running and playing with her son this next summer. There was numbness and lack of movement on the left side after the surgery and you just never know until you know with those things what the result of recovery will be. Its been exactly two weeks since the brain surgery and she has been able to walk up stairs. There is new hope and much progress every day. We’re all very relieved by that and I believe that that vision will happen, as many hold it with her.

For myself. My highschool sweetheart, after many decades of us each living different lives in different places, are reuniting. He called me, we talked and I wasn’t sure what to really think about it but once I decided and held the feeling of what my heart most desired. It was about 48 hrs before things started to fall into place. He and I are both free to choose to be together and it feels like my life is starting over or maybe for the first time. In this moment I couldn’t be happier.

I don’t mean to say that anything you hold with love will show up in 48 hrs that has just been my experience so far with using this tool of manifestation. It has worked brilliantly so far!

This will not make me immune to life but in the moments that there are challenges, I will focus on continuing to hold love as my highest value and as I do I know that with decision and holding that vision I can move forward into a life that is of my creation from love, regardless of what shows up as landscape or detours on the journey.

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

Photo by Vicki Willoughby