Time Tricks

Time tells what no one or language can tell. Time reveals people’s intentions when a thousand words can only prove otherwise.

When time calms down the tempest of our anger, we will see imagesand hear what we couldn’t.. and given more time we will see through and beyond what we normally do.

Seeing with clarity requires honesty and strength with oneself so that when you see something you know what it is and you can confront your tricky mind and prevent it from turning the situation for its benefits or any other reasons.

Seeing with clarity requires awareness that we have been inheriting knowledge and information most of which is invalid. And that we are still in the middle of an ongoing process of brainwashing, mind-shutting and heart-closing for the benefit of a huge plan that will be ruined if people are allowed to see clearly, move freely to reach their full potential.

Time has already revealed this plan to a lot of people but since time is relative and since individual paths vary, everyone is meant to be in a different position. We are not the same and we will never be and that is for our optimum benefit. Every person, everything and every being is a critical piece of a massive puzzle. We just forgot and we need to remember this fact which will lead us to develop ways to learn to deal with our differences and realize its preciousness rather than using it as a weapon.


Briefly who I am:

Neveen El-Gamal, an Egyptian spiritual healer and writer, 41 years old.

I have a published poetry book in Arabic and another book in English titled “Keeping the State of Love” that is based on The Celestine and the Tenth Inisght books by J. Redfield.

I am very grateful to have met the lovely women in the sisterhood group and participate in The Daily Sisterhood blog.