Love is?

I recently attended a Love Fest , a love party, a definition of love party. It was a couple’s unconventional wedding ceremony and took place in a Polish Hall in Minneapolis. I went with my husband and we left our four children with his Mom, back in Madison, WI. My parents are in Belfast, N. Ireland.

At the beginning of the event all the guests were asked to write a definition of love on a piece of paper. ‘Love is….’ And later in the proceedings we were put into groups with some of the definitions and asked to explore and discuss and expand. This resulted in the groups presenting their findings on stage to the rest of the audience at the climax of the evening.

Unfortunately I cannot remember all the exact definitions and meanderings. But I do remember some of them and I have made up the rest:

Love is like lasagne: it’s messy sometimes and everyone has their own recipe

Love is patient.

Love forgives.

Love is being there for someone at 4am even if you don’t feel like it.

Love is showing up.

Love is not holding grudges.

Love is getting mad at someone and still showing up, even when you are mad.

Love is long distance.

Love lasts through the years. It is picking up the conversation as if you had never stopped talking.

Love isn’t always comfortable. Love can be very uncomfortable.

Love doesn’t mean ‘Happy Ever After’. It means constantly choosing to be happy ever after. And it’s not always happy.

Love pushes all your buttons, the good and the bad.

Love is a fire of cleansing truth, you can burn in it and be reborn. And it hurts.

Love is one step forward and two steps back

Love is saying I’m sorry

Love is saying  I’m sorry again

Love is walking away

Love is staying

Love is self love

Love is looking in the mirror and saying I love you – even when you look awful and have spots

Love is loving your child when they have just done it again and you already told them not to, a million times

Love is the way your child looks at you

Love is your name said differently by the person who loves you, with tenderness. With awe

Love is calling your friend

Love is listening when all you want to do is talk

Love is taking action

Love is passive

Love is quiet

Love is loud

Love is inside yourself – not anywhere else

Love is the earth and beyond

Love is colour blind, non-exclusive, for the smelly stranger on the bus and for the person who hurt you the most

Love cannot be explained in words. But we can try. And try again. To love.

Please add your own definitions of love…I would LOVE to read them. Love is? ❤

love is