Rape in South Africa by Guest Blogger Lizelle Le Roux

RAPE in South Africa

‘…This means that on average approximately one thousand three hundred women can be expected to be raped a day in South Africa. A study by Interpol, the international police agency, has revealed that South Africa leads the world in rapes. A woman was raped in South Africa every 17 seconds. This did not include the number of child rape victims. It was estimated that one in every two women would be raped. Between 28 and 30 percent of adolescents reported that their first sexual encounter was forced. Of South African men who knew somebody who had been raped, 16 percent believed that the rape survivor had enjoyed the experience and had asked for it. According to a recent study police estimated that only one in 36 rape cases was reported and of those only 15 percent culminated in a conviction.’

…excerpt from http://www.rape.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=875:rape-statistics-south-africa-a-worldwide-2010&catid=65:resources&Itemid=137

I was born in South Africa and raped as a virgin when I was 18. Now, 22 years later, I’m back in the same small town, where I finished high school, and another layer of this event is coming to the surface.  I never told anyone until I was 33 and in this same small town, nearly succeeded in killing myself.  My parents read ‘my story’ which I left at my bedside while I was in hospital.  My cousin who had been raped succeeded in killing herself in that previous year. I didn’t know she had been raped until after her death. I found out that my soul mate had been raped by a (black) man when he was about 5 years old. My two rapists were both (white) police men. It wasn’t violent, thus I never called it rape until I read about date rape. It was a 1991 New Year’s eve party at a local house.  My on-off boyfriend throughout high school had brought a new girl as his partner.  I drank a lot, so I’d seem unbothered by it.  His friend, owner of the house asked me to dance, and I couldn’t stand on my feet, so I sat back down again on the step, and he asked me if I’d like to lie down. I said yes. He took me to his bedroom, and locked the door behind us. He was huge. I was paralysed & squashed. I repeatedly said, No, No, No, Why, Why, Why?  He said he had always wanted to. Afterwards I was bleeding and in shock, and stayed in the house to wait for my on-off boyfriend (who also lived there) to return from his night shift. His friend told him that ‘he had me’. When I told him how I experienced it, he said that he’d always wanted to be the one to have my virgin. I asked him to take me home.  He stopped the car on the way to the farm, walked around to my side and raped me.  More blood, he got half my virgin. He then dropped me home.

So this is just normal in South Africa!?

‘I’m sorry Lizelle. Please forgive me. I thank you! I love you! I set you free from suffering now!’

I MATTER!! What happens to me MATTERS!!

You matter! What happens to you matters!

Babies and children being violated MATTER!!

Women AND men who are violated MATTER!!

Author’s Biography: 

Lizelle Le Roux is a Transformational Life Coach. She specialises in Subconscious Self-Sabotaging Behaviours. She assists clients to identify the root causes keeping them from moving forward. She facilitates the release of associated limiting beliefs, subconscious vows or patterns of behaviour in order to facilitate truly remarkable permanent life changes, freeing clients to effectively move forward toward their goals.  

http://www.elome.net           coach@elome.net

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I was born and raised a Central New Yorker but lived 18 yrs. in Va Bch, VA. I am the mother of two young men, who are 34 and 15 yrs. of age. I have been doing Reflexology since I was 11 yrs old, I have been a teaching Reiki Master for 17 yrs and have been Dr. Mom for my family using therapeutic grade essential oils as our medicine for 12 yrs. Having come from a functional family but living many years in a megalopolis combined with many years of being a catalyst for healing, gives me a varied point of view. Perspective is one of my favorite playgrounds! If you'd like a consultation for Reiki or aromatherapy please feel free to contact me at vaw4beacon@yahoo.com.

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