The time has come…

Guestblog by ❤❤❤❤❤ Sannanda True Spirit


In a dream it came to me… Visions of a new life… openings within openings… a road showing itself to me… images communicating… Walk this road dear one… You are ready… we are ready…

Things are falling into place… the playground is set… People… events… even destiny itself are involved. You are all blessed… and manna from the heavens will fall upon each one of you who now take action to bring forth the highest beauty and grace on your beloved Mother Earth…

All you need do… is to listen deeply with your heart… to the messages coming your way… and yes… Now is the time to take action… To manifest your hearts desire to express itself in every way possible… to create a heaven on Earth… for all living beings

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About Loesja Klimczak -

In the past 53 years I walked, ran, crawled… many roads on an ongoing journey to discover the inevitable freedom of the soul, the joy of being alive, the value of the teacher we call pain, the depth of human wisdom and the meaning of human madness. I have been deeply touched by the kindness in the eyes, hearts, words and helping hands of friends, teachers, soulmates, … even strangers. I have been all of that and all of them. The most valuable lesson I have ever learned is that ‘there’s nothing to fear’. For the next 50 years I am committed to share this awareness in everything I do. It’s a joy to share this blog with sisters so close to my soul and touching your life with my words fills me with deep gratitude. May these words carry the love from my heart to yours.

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