Presenting Guest Blogger Erica Lewis

077My friend is a healer, and she has helped me through many difficult transitions this past year. I do not sit in a chair and speak to her. I lie on a table and her hands move over my body and she senses my energetic presence and our bodies become channels for energy, moving in and out. Her hands, gently gliding over my chakras, helped release the energy from within that had been locked in and stale after weeks of numbness.

After two years with a man, two graduate degrees, two bar exams, and too many moves to count, I have finally transitioned to a new life and am finding stability for myself and my dog. The stars aligned when I finally got my job, doing what I want to do in a place I want to be. Now all of the pieces of my life and heart that have been strewn about are starting to come together and mend. I am a bachelorette, and I say it loud and proud. I am committed to myself right now, and I’d like to explore all of the things and interests I’ve had, but hidden underneath the weight of the past twelve months that has been plaguing me.

She sensed a soft energy within me. It had only been a few days since I cried myself to sleep, but even less time had passed since I experienced my best and hardest laughter of the year. It feels good to laugh, and it is OK to laugh. I am mourning, I am grieving, but I am celebrating what it means to be me. I am discovering myself again, and it is exciting.


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

As of today, I am 29.  I come from a stable family and have received all the benefits of middle class America.  I work hard, love to play sports, travel, and interact with people of all kinds.  For me, my greatest accomplishment was running the Great Wall Marathon with my father, although some people would say my greatest accomplishment was passing the Vermont bar to become a licensed attorney.   I currently work an administrative job for a mental health care organization in central Vermont, coach boys high school varsity soccer, and spend my free time with my dog, River.    “Normal” has no meaning to me, other than another generic label used to categorize and restrict that which is unique and beautiful.  My philosophy in life is “go with the flow”, although I find it difficult to do that sometimes.


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