Perspectives on Inspiration

Nothing that is created is by accident.  You can discover art in many forms.  Art and the  inspiration behind it can be found in writing, theater, music, sculpture or painting.  Art can also be found in nature on something as simple as a walk in the park if you open yourself.

The next time you “experience” your surroundings do it with all Five Senses – not only sight, but sound, touch, aroma and even taste.  Suspend your judgement and allow the Creator’s work to envelop you. The effect of “Breathing it all in” will be monumental.

Trust is the key to this experience.  Our Inner Critic, the “adult” in us and the “experiences of life” all conspire to block the creative flow.  You see, when you appreciate, you are also being creative.  Put another way, you are interrupting the art of inspiration.

Be in the moment of observation & allow all the other senses to round out your experience.  Such as the way light falls through a window or the expression of joy on the face of a child or the way someone positions themself  on a park bench.  The nuances of the day-to-day are taken for granted or worse are dismissed or overlooked.

Half thoughts often interrupt the appreciation process or sometimes these Ghost Thoughts open doors to new insights for inspiration.  Allow your mind to take in each piece of the sensory mosaic often, for fuller appreciation and  to be stored for use at a later time.

I find that stored images & impressions are triggers for inspiration.  For example on a recent walk I noticed a display of color in a sunset that I have been looking for in a painting.  The awareness allowed me to “store” it for a later artistic use.  Likewise I recently walked into a friend’s house & was drawn to the aroma  from the kitchen.. It reminded me of my mom’s gumbo back home in New Orleans.  In actuality is was a simple fish stock but the sense of smell flooded me with memories not only of aromas but colors & experiences & people.  That sensory Ghost  painted pictures in my mind and this time not snap shots but a technicolor movie of memories and flavors.

The goal or perhaps the PRIZE is to consciously rediscover your amazing sensory perceptions that you were born with and  to discover the inspiration for your own artistic side.

Remember you can even find light and beauty in darkness.


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

Born in New Orleans, near the bayou’s, my life so enriched with music, and food and all the patois the atmosphere offered.

I felt infused with all the beauty of life, so it was an easy transition to dive into a creative lifestyle.

I was the protege of a very famous photographer, that taught me the principles as well as aesthetics of art through the lens of the camera. As I grew in my creative capacities, I decided to “go west”, to Texas to develop my skills as a commercial artist.

During this time I had a profound shift in consciousness. I was lead to start teaching art to children and young adults. Drawing inspiration from “Drawing from the Right side of the Brain”.

The natural step from there was to incorporate my artwork into spiritual venues. I started to paint more intimate portraits for CD’s and illustrate books.

All the while hearing a whisper of a truer calling out of the distractions of modern life. I am on an inner journey to discover my soul’s purpose. To listen to and follow our soul’s guidance in the midst of life. Kimberley Huxen


3 thoughts on “Perspectives on Inspiration

  1. Great point about art as a means of expressing your senses. I especially loved the end line which refers to light being found in the darkness. I find that to be so true!

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