My Garden is my Teacher

I live in the city. There is not much room between houses, minimal back yards with privacy fencing, we don’t even have a tree in our yard. I do however have the good fortune to have enough space for a vegetable garden. It has been and continues to be one of my greatest teachers in life.

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

In the morning, when I first get out of bed, I go to my garden barefoot and marvel at the bountiful growth that happened during the night. I greet the face of the blossoms with joy and praise and gratitude for what they will produce. I welcome and thank the bees. My garden teaches me to start the day with gratitude, that it is the doorway to happiness.

When I pick my breakfast and lunch from the garden and prepare it, it teaches me the true meaning of the phrase, Life begets life. Eating food that has been nourished with your gratitude and attention is so enlivening and much more satisfying. You need not eat much to feel energized. My garden has taught me the value of caring for myself and my family through it.

When I have felt frustrated or distraught I’ve gone to my garden for “dirt therapy”. Mother Nature is the best counselor for me by far. In the energy of those abundant plants and that fertile soil I find peace and tranquility. My garden has taught me to let go of stresses that are no longer of service to me and to accept the inspiration that can come with inner peace.

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

My garden is a place that I do tithing. When the garden starts to produce I speak to Mother and tell her that her other children are welcome to 10% of my garden. I ask that they be respectful and allow me what I wish to have for my family. I don’t use pesticides or any other means to discourage any creatures. There are wasps which enjoy the outer leaves on my cabbage but they don’t eat from the head, a family of bunnies moved in and they decided my new crop of spinach was quite delectable but I’d already grown one crop for myself so I guess that one was for them. I find a nibble here or there but they haven’t committed the destruction they certainly could. I find that if I offer, the results are so much better than I think they would be if I was trying to protect. One is an energy of abundance and the other an energy of lack. My garden taught me that by sharing I can have more enjoyment and better results.

Since I have a small amount of space to plant in I have to weigh the balance between the amount of space a vegetable takes up and how much it will produce , how much we will use it and what it would cost to buy at the grocery store. I consider how much we enjoy it and how important it is to have something organic. I love sweet peas but they take up so much space, I’m the only one who enjoys them and production is really low since they are so small when shelled. Therefore I don’t grow peas. My garden has taught me discernment and to prioritize so the best can become of what is.

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

My prayer is that I will always have access to garden wisdom and that I can share that wisdom with others who would seek it. It is a great full day!

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About Vicki

I was born and raised a Central New Yorker but lived 18 yrs. in Va Bch, VA. I am the mother of two young men, who are 34 and 15 yrs. of age. I have been doing Reflexology since I was 11 yrs old, I have been a teaching Reiki Master for 17 yrs and have been Dr. Mom for my family using therapeutic grade essential oils as our medicine for 12 yrs. Having come from a functional family but living many years in a megalopolis combined with many years of being a catalyst for healing, gives me a varied point of view. Perspective is one of my favorite playgrounds! If you'd like a consultation for Reiki or aromatherapy please feel free to contact me at

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