“If you meditate, sooner or later you will come upon love. If you meditate deeply, sooner or later you will start feeling a tremendous love arising in you that you have never known before.” Osho: 006

I have had experiences of deep love while meditating. It didn’t happen instantly. And like anything else, like exercise or a good healthy diet, it can be easy to get out of the way of it…

While meditating deeply a feeling rises, a feeling that you are so close to the divine, it’s difficult to put into words. It’s a love like no other. It’s like all the love you have ever felt for family, lovers, moments, the universe, wrapped up into one amazing all encompassing penetrating and beautifully peaceful, sublime blanket. Better than any drug or substance. It can last for a while, and I believe that once you have felt that, even when things are pretty crappy, the memory or the knowledge that it is there, never leaves you. Some people call it God. God, love, the Universe – same thing.

My Catholic Christian upbringing gave me a very different understanding of God than that which I now know. I used to pray as a child, in all innocence. Every night, on my knees at the edge of the bed. I used to pray for my family, fervently, openheartedly and generously. I grew out of it. I stopped believing. Like Santa Clause, I knew better. But I never fully lost my sense of the mystical, a knowledge that there was something else, something beyond my understanding, how could there not be? There was too much magic around. I knew there was something else.

I am glad to say I have found it again. I urge you to meditate, please!

At the beginning there is so much mind chatter – the monkey mind, the ego, the blah blah blah, listen, listen! That is the voice you hear all day – do you really listen to that voice? Do you believe it? Because it’s a liar. It’s fear. Please don’t believe everything you think.

You can start your meditation by becoming aware of sounds outside –  the sounds of the city and of nature – they soothe me and bring me close to an intangible divine place where everything IS centered in the present moment. Research meditation, join a class. Mindfulness meditation is wonderful.

Meditation can give you an embrace of deep, comforting, incredibly powerful, healing love and energy. It’s not always so intense, and sometimes the energies are more scattered than others, but it will always be beneficial. Stick with it. Even for five minutes a day.

Today I was meditating on a ACIM* lesson – lesson 45 – “God is the Mind with which I think”

‘My real thoughts are in my mind. I would like to find them’

I kept saying this over and over during the meditation

Prior to the meditation I was feeling perturbed about some things.

I was feeling slight discomfort in my body too – aches and pains – all these thoughts rushing through my head.

I kept re focusing on sounds outside my breathing

Kept saying the phrase

And asking to be re connected with my real thoughts

All of a sudden I hear this voice – it was my voice but clear as a bell and came from nowhere

It said – I am totally healthy

I am completely loved

All is well

I am safe

These are my real thoughts! This is what is real! Nothing else.

A miraculous meditation.

*A Course In Miracles


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:


Dr. Ellen Anne Schultz is an actress, writer, mother, teacher, wife and student, not necessarily in that order. She was brought up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she has just completed her PhD in Applied Drama. She believes in a holistic spiritual practice, involving meditation, self love and discovery, learning and practicing forgiveness, gratitude and love every day. Ellen wishes to support and guide others on their own journey of self and love. She is a mentor on Gabrielle Bernstein’ and is thrilled to be one of the founding members of The Daily Sisterhood Blog. If you wish to contact Ellen please message her here, and she will respond as soon as she can.


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