Guest Poetry by Isis Zystrid (2)

i learn of the wrongful loss of homes,
i learn of those wall street warriors
hedonistically sniffing the dollar bills
as they grasp them
from our hands.
it is so much,
some are not informed
and some just don’t believe it–
so obvious and so pre-empted,
i look them in the eyes
and their lack of shame
turns me to stone.
so beside myself
with how some must accumulate
and accumulate,
justifying the little that some have
with myths that muffle screams.
the serpents from their scalp
weasel their way
into our view,
and we are paralyzed
because they call the shots
with their hunting vests
as we may feel we roam free.
what social construction is this,
filthy from so many hands
but truly circulating to one
powerful river,
to bleed us dry but we feel
that this is just life
as we’ve always known it.
what outdated method of transaction
is this,
that we proclaim need
for a productive society,
for some assumption
that man cannot find
without greed.

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About Sadie

I grew up traveling and have developed into a full-time activist, full-time lover of humanity, part-time musician, and am now training to be a life coach. Above all, I want to reach people and bring on a new era of love.

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