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I recently realised that two of my impending life lessons are related to patience. Repeatedly I have thought, and told the universe, “okay. I have learned patience. Now I am ready, you can give me what I am waiting for. And hurry up, would you?”

Hmm. This strategy isn’t working. Maybe I need to be a little less cocky and investigate a bit deeper here.

So, around the question of love – and what I want to experience once I have found the love I want – I wrote a little letter to myself (omitting the “other”) that I now feel I should share with you.

What dreams do I feel I have to wait for?
- I want to walk in the wild.
Bathe under waterfalls, walk barefoot through sand dunes, 
roll down a hill, camp in a tent on the side of a mountain 
with a little candle lit.

I want to see past people's façades and into their hearts.

I want to heal the barren ground in my psyche, the anger, 
guilt, judgement hiding there.

I want to be more creative with my hours of "freedom".
I want to embrace the purity of life at each moment - 
every breath is a gift. I want to live in the present rather 
than focusing on what I'll do later.
I want to live from my heart rather than my guilt.

I want to share more of value -

I want more than this job, but what?
Do what I love every day and not have to worry about money?

Isn’t that what everybody wants?

We just have to look a little bit under the surface to see where our passion truly lies. It’s not something that can be done overnight.

Maybe that baby steps thing is part of what the Universe wants me to learn about patience. Keep chipping away at the rock. Someday you will strike gold, or look up and realise you’ve moved a mountain.

But don’t wait for external circumstances to change before you take ownership of how you want to experience your life. It’s up to you to change your own circumstances. Make your vision, and then feel your way towards it…


One thought on “Waiting

  1. It feels like it’s so hard to be patient, but when I think about, I have been waiting almost 60 years to be the person I am today. I guess that qualifies as being patient lol Thanks always for your insight, Sadie 🙂

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