Ego as a Terminal Disease

Please enjoy revisiting this blog from our Sister Neveen:

With my naked eyes, I’ve been bewildered watching how egos are trapping, poisoning and imprisoning some people. At an early age I was aware of how ego could be a terminal disease and one of my favorite prayers was “God, please keep me distant from ego as you keep East distant from West”.

Ego is the mind constantly sharply pointing  “I AM RIGHT, I know that and they have to know it. If they don’t then something is wrong with them.”. In that state of being, other senses, windows and doors are shut. No other options exist. The mind is stuck at wanting to prove itself right, it has this urge of ‘wanting to be right’.

A famous saying by a Moslem Sheikh “Al-Shafei” is: “My opinion is wrong yet potentially right; and your opinion is right yet potentially wrong.”

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

Personally, I think that we are all right at the same time that we all could be wrong! There is no ‘one right answer’. There are countless different views. The challenge starts when it comes to decision making and how many views are involved and what criteria are considered for a decision to be made.

The biggest challenge is living peacefully with all our individual differences.  A challenge that would definitely ease or vanish if ego was not dominating and if people learned to stay connected to their precious light of their souls.

How egos kill souls?

The ‘ego’ manifesting into being is less desirable by people dealing with it. And the egoist person grows to reject anything but what validates his ego in a way that either pushes people away or forces them to lie.

If the egotistic person does not sense anything wrong going on and does not question himself, he/she probably proceeds moving on and expanding his/her ego which I have seen in many cases, people losing their minds. Quite ironic it is that the mind wanting to be right ends up being lost!

Tips to help avoiding a poisoning ego:

  1. Deeply listen to others, seriously consider their point of view and check where it is from where you stand.
  2. Break prior and fixed ideas about those you listen to, in order to be objective about what you receive from them.
  3. Remind yourself of incidents where you’ve learned that your point of view was not so accurate and that this could repeat.
  4. Remember that your point of view won’t be harmed by listening to others yet it might get into a developing or growing process.
  5. If you think you know the truth, make sure that the truth will reveal itself at some point to those who want to see it and that you cannot force anyone to see what they do not want to see.
  6. Remember that communication between people is more of a reminder and an enlightening process and it doesn’t make sense forcing anything on anyone


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

I’m Neveen El-Gamal, an Egyptian 39 years old single mom. I’m a Reiki and an Emotrance practitioner which I find difficult working out in Egypt.

I have a published poetry book. I’m also leading a series of spiritual awareness intuitive workshop with an Australian friend of mine who’s lived in Egypt for about ten years.

I am very grateful to have met the lovely women in the sisterhood group and participate in The Daily Sisterhood.



9 thoughts on “Ego as a Terminal Disease

  1. Yes Neveen, would be a diffrent world if we would teach our children to apply your tips in every day situations… would be a diffrent world if people and nations would see the wisdom of this. Thank you … this world really needs this… ! Be well <3!

  2. Thank you Loesja 🙂 I think Children copy us adults whether or not we are aware of that… so we’d better ‘be’ what we want to teach them…
    Most probably children don’t take direct instructions or advices specially about such issues… as they have this passion for independence and discovering life themselves.
    It touches them more if we put the message in a story (fiction or non fiction)…
    For example, if we never deeply listen to our children, they will never listen to us!
    As for the second tip, I always tell my boys if they present someone’s opposing opinion to mine, “it is that person’s point of view, it is different than mine yet it is still okay; life has countless points of views…”
    Many times I change my point of view about something as the boys sometimes present stronger ones than mine… and sometimes even show me solutions of daily situations that I fail to see before they point them out… 🙂
    Children are whole souls only smaller in sizes and have a bit less knowledge…. yet they are wonderful learners and teachers if we do not force things on them and if we allow their natural free flow in life… Our role with children is simply to guide them through their journey in life…

  3. I am still a child struggling with ego. Letting go of something that has been with you for so long can be difficult, but once you learn how to let go, it gets easier. Your tips are very helpful. Thank you 🙂

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  5. I liked so much that article and I believe we all need that kind of culture that could help us lead us to the truth…. reread that point number 5 and 6 … so many times … I learned … thanks

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