A fear of my own

In all kinds of relationships it seems obvious for woman to be the loving caretakers of the emotional needs of their partners, children, friends, anyone … and we do it gladly, often just because we know so well how hard it can be to live with confusing emotions.

Especially when confronted with loved ones who are in fear, woman know exactly how to bring in some gentleness and comfort, how to hold someone by their hand, even at the high cost of forgetting their own needs.

May this poem inspire women (and the caretakers amongst men) to consider searching for an answer for themselves to the question at the end, before arriving at that stage.
May it be an invitation to anyone to see the needs of these brave hearts who care so much and need to be cared for – once upon a time – too.

A fear of my own

When your loneliness scares you, I shall stand at your side.
When the night scares you, I shall sing you sweet lullabies.
When silence scares you, I shall whisper of love to you.
When you’re scared of tomorrow, at the end of the day, I’ll be chasing your fears away.

When you’re scared of yourself, I won’t run from you.
When you’re scared of your fears, I will hold you – trembling.
When you’re terrified of being caged, I will leave the gates wide open.
When you’re too frightened to stay, I will let you go.

In case I grow scary, I promise you to leave,
before the morninglow.

But now …, my loved one,
please tell me where to go,

when I find a fear of my own…

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About Loesja Klimczak - www.mayanatlantyda.org

In the past 53 years I walked, ran, crawled… many roads on an ongoing journey to discover the inevitable freedom of the soul, the joy of being alive, the value of the teacher we call pain, the depth of human wisdom and the meaning of human madness. I have been deeply touched by the kindness in the eyes, hearts, words and helping hands of friends, teachers, soulmates, … even strangers. I have been all of that and all of them. The most valuable lesson I have ever learned is that ‘there’s nothing to fear’. For the next 50 years I am committed to share this awareness in everything I do. It’s a joy to share this blog with sisters so close to my soul and touching your life with my words fills me with deep gratitude. May these words carry the love from my heart to yours.

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