The path to oneness

When we are in nature, play with little children or animals, it usually doesn’t take much effort to feel at peace, to connect, to experience oneness.
Some people give themselves the gift of such an experience often, some on a regular basis, some hardly ever.
The people who don’t connect to nature don’t know what they are missing, the ones that are aware of the benefit of it sometimes have a hard time to consciously make decisions to make it a basic part of their lives, some can’t even imagine living without it anymore. Different people, different lives, different experiences, different levels of consciousness.

The same goes for dealing with subjects like pollution or global environmental issues, pharmaceutical issues, abusive economical structures, monetary issues, … and so on.
On every stage of life there are so many differences and levels between being connected, less connected or disconnected.

Once we have experienced a certain level of oneness in any area of life we strive to experience it again and again, more, deeper.
We start to see the world with different eyes, we start to wish that our world would be the way we experienced it at those beautiful moments. We look around, we start to search around us for more of that, we even may create a private environment that represents that feeling of oneness in our life.

Preaching oneness

Human beings have that natural need to create ‘a better world’. In order to do that we look around us trying to find the oneness, we experienced at those beautiful moments, outside of us.
What a disappointment! Rather than being able to connect to people around us we are confronted with many different levels of ‘unconsciousness’, many ways of separation. Everybody around us seems to be asleep.
People forget easily… the most easy thing to forget when waking up from a dream is how it was to think that the dream was reality.
Now we are awake and start to ring the bell to wake up others.
We don’t want to be awake alone, that’s no fun! We need playmates to share our experience of oneness with, to end the deep inner loneliness. In our previous divided sleeping state of mind we have been so lonely… and now we feel a different kind of lonely: we feel the loneliness of the awakened person amongst sleepwalkers.

When we are lucky we find a few other awakened ones on our way.
What a joy! What a treat! Now we feel a little stronger.
It isn’t ME and THE WORLD anymore. It’s US and THEM 🙂 now!
The awakened ones ring the bell as loud as they can. There is so much to do, so many sleepwalkers still to wake up! What a job!

But sleepwalkers don’t want to be woken up.
They want to be left in peace.
They feel disrespected by our efforts to wake them up.
Sometimes they manage to ignore us, to just turn over and sleep on. Sometimes they leave the scene of the lives we share with them to be able to sleep on without disturbance.
Sometimes they fight for their rights and call us weird, stupid, not realistic, and so on.
Sometimes they even try ‘to protect us from ourselves’.

It’s not easy to preach oneness to a sleepwalking world!
Tired and wounded in battle the awakened ones more than often have to pull back to heal their wounds, to deal with ‘the new loneliness’ and the frustration.

Projecting duality

Why is it that they say that – proportionally speaking – only a few awakened people are needed to awaken the masses and that by now the many awakened ones somehow can’t arrive at changing this divided world overnight?
In the land of the blind ones the man with one eye should be king – or not?

Why is it then that the one-eyed kings of the world feel so powerless, so frustrated, so hurt and so angry with ‘THEM’ who don’t want to wake up?
Perhaps that one eye is a blind eye after all… perhaps WE miss the point and THEY are right to hold on to living their dreams because we still need them to be asleep to find out that we are not yet awake at all…
We only had a few magnificent moments of awakening, and we took those memories with us and fell asleep again into an other dream, a dream in which we dream that we are awake and THEY are not.
A dream about US and THEM, a dream wherein we are the preachers of oneness and so we need an audience to preach to.

Preaching oneness to sleeping people is nothing more than projecting a dualistic dream upon them.
The moment we say: I am awake and you are not, and that’s why I have to wake you up, we project duality and separation upon ‘THEM’.
And because it takes a really awakened one to allow that projection of duality pass through him without effect, THEY have no choice : THEY have to stay asleep, because that’s what WE project upon them!
WE create the separation by the very act of trying to wake them up!

That’s the essence of what is called ‘the creative force that wants the good and creates the evil!’ !

Taking back the projections

It takes a lot more ‘waking up’ to transcend duality and to really live in oneness.
To transcend duality we first of all need to collapse the inner duality inside of US.
And we can collapse that duality by taking back ALL our projections, and by letting THEM free.
THEY only exist because WE create them to experience the struggle of our own inner duality outside of us.

When we really want to experience oneness we have to realize that the only world we are responsible for is the world we project outside of us.

To achieve oneness we need to stop to preach oneness and start to live it and as a result of that to project oneness. That’s the only thing that will ‘wake up’ all of us.

Living oneness

Remember the magical moments in nature, with an animal or a little child. They did not preach. They did not tell us what to do. They did not project their opinions upon us. They did not criticize us. They did not ring any bells.

They did not ‘know’ that they are separate. They did not even care that we were sleeping! They just were in a state of oneness. And they vibrated that – and that’s what has touched us and made us feel connected, made us feel one.
They were the tuning-fork of oneness that helped us to find our inner core tune.

Experiencing oneness


The little diffrent one …

So when you feel you are the awakened one, and you feel the urge to wake up others, just remember: don’t preach, just be, and let THEM free!

We are all ONE humanity! We are ALL angels helping each other to wake up and to remember who we really are.

Love is not always what it seems to be.

With love to ‘US’ and in gratitude to the special ‘S-Walker’ for waking up my inspiration to write about this subject.

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About Loesja Klimczak -

In the past 53 years I walked, ran, crawled… many roads on an ongoing journey to discover the inevitable freedom of the soul, the joy of being alive, the value of the teacher we call pain, the depth of human wisdom and the meaning of human madness. I have been deeply touched by the kindness in the eyes, hearts, words and helping hands of friends, teachers, soulmates, … even strangers. I have been all of that and all of them. The most valuable lesson I have ever learned is that ‘there’s nothing to fear’. For the next 50 years I am committed to share this awareness in everything I do. It’s a joy to share this blog with sisters so close to my soul and touching your life with my words fills me with deep gratitude. May these words carry the love from my heart to yours.

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