Do the Gods have Dogs: A guest blog by Margaret Kelly Close

And does the Universe make sure you get the dog
you need not the dog you want.

If Energy is what we are, trapped, some might say in a human body, Then our dogs are Energy in motion, free to express their unique energy, with none of the human constraints we have come to realize. No guilt, no shame, no fear, unless taught by none other than us humans.

Photo Margaret Kelly Close

Photo by Margaret Kelly Close

As diverse as people are, we need not be surprised at the diversity of our 4 legged friends. Different breeds are like different cultures.
More on that to come.

With all sorts of technology at our fingertips, all the modern conveniences to somehow expand our consciousness, giving us more space and time to delve into ourselves, there sits an animal who has evolved with us, yet, He or She still have their intuition in tact, which is a vital part of who they are, and how they see the world, with or without our help. They are still with us nudging us to watch and learn.
Intuition for me, needs no religion, no questions, has no agenda, does not need words, and there’s no other teacher who lives in a world of intuition than our own dog.

We need look no further than our own 2 feet, where hopefully a dog sits quietly waiting to show us what unconditional love looks and feels like.
When we need to witness that universal all inspiring devotional Love , then who better to show us what that looks like, who better to demonstrate love in motion, to feel humbled at the sincerity of their simple ways, to look deeply into their eyes and know a godly spirit resides in my home.
To witness an explosion of joy just at the sight of you. To go for a stroll and watch joy in motion simply because you picked up their leash. It matter’s not if it’s a crowded city, a lush forest, even a car ride will suffice because you are out together and that’s heaven to a dog.

Now for some of us who may be scratching their heads and thinking, ‘Not my Fido’ My furry friend is a pain in the area of all my stuff, he pulls constantly on the leash, refuses to come when called, barks for no reason, and there’s no way I would take that bone out of his mouth, or his ball if he didn’t want me to.
Well, just like people, dogs have a dark side too. Who hasn’t heard the term, “It’s your enemies that will tell you what your friends won’t.’ And, “ Everyone is a mirror reflecting back what you need to look at in yourself”
Dogs will willingly be your enemy, and without malice hold up a mirror.
They have that ability to show us, and yes, to teach us what we need to learn, and work on so that unconditional love can flourish within us.
Once we are balanced, and centered and take notice of what our dogs are teaching us, they then can Be all they can Be, which for me is sometimes the student, and sometimes the teacher.

It has to start the minute you both lock eye’s. You will be tested, you will be frustrated, you will stay up late, and rise early for the friend you brought into your life. The rewards at first will be minimal, then, slowly you will both get accustomed to the other and a relationship begins.

Getting in-tune once again to our intuition takes time. Words are kept to a minimal, gestures mean more than words, facial expression are noted, emotions are felt more deeply than what is being said.
A dog may tune you out because your body language differs greatly to your emotions, and confusions sets in, for both the dog and the person.

Dogs do not understand a lie, they have to tune us out completely because so many of us do not say what we mean, or mean what we say.

Imagine for a moment there was no definition for telling a lie, if a lie was a foreign concept, then try and communicate to that person over time on an intimate level. It can’t be done, that’s why dogs ignore us, it’s a truth thing they are born with.

Different breeds are like different cultures, with deep wiring that can get some dogs into trouble if their needs are not met, or at least acknowledge.

It’s simple, but it’s not easy…

Excerpts from my up and coming e-book. “Do the Gods have Dogs.”
Thank you.

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