The Magic of Silence

Mountains, greenery, breeze, sun and occasionally a few humans are components of my surrounding. A place where I fully experience feeling ‘home’. A very primitive room with an electric plug and a huge garden.

Music switches from the magical silence to some insects’ performance, a camel every now and then and hardly background voices every few hours. Sounds of distant motors remind me of the existence of an alternative life!

The most magnificent fact is that from that spot on Mother Earth, I can connect to anywhere in the world through a tiny little wireless invention smaller than a hand! I can interact with people no matter where they could be without disturbing the natural symphony.In Saint Cathrine, Egypt.

Silence makes a sound that dominates everything. When silence is loud, no one else is heard. Everything vanishes as silence starts its symphony. The sound produced by silence cannot be described. It is not a ‘mmm’ nor a ‘wooo’ sound and it is not nothing! It has at least two waves and it is too divine for human’s expression.

Have you been to place where there are no voices, no machines, no animals or insects…?  A place with a time that nothing speaks but silence? The wind which is most fantastic music disturbs the magic of silence. A singing bird is a magical instrument that doesn’t fit with the silence symphony! Your footsteps would be the loudest noise, your breath is a distraction. Wind without a warning comes like a ghost! Sudden interference of insects or animals turn them into undesired entities.

Anything with the magic of silence loses its identity!


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

I’m Neveen El-Gamal, an Egyptian 40 years old single mom. I’m a writer, a Reiki and an Emotrance practitioner. I have a published poetry book in Arabic in August 2010 titled “Freeing You from Me”.

I am very grateful to have met the lovely women in the sisterhood group and participate in The Daily Sisterhood.


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