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Living each m-OM-ent


by Kara Johnstad

Even silence has its music. When you slip into deep meditation there is still vibration. Energies moving all about. Resonance. Reflections.The reflection of your breath within the breath. The song that sings through us. There is always  presence and if you slow yourself down enough to hear the soft pitter-pat of the cat as she crosses the porch and then listen into the breeze as it caresses your freckled arm, then you know, without uttering a word, there is always sound. Sound is looking to complete itself, like the wave looking for the shore to move against before it returns home.

The circle of life, ‘O.’  


‘OM,’ the sound ‘OOOOOOOO’, a circle of perfection opened and followed by a buzzing hum, stands for the eternal sound of existence.


What fascinated me this last week, was that for the first time while sitting in deep meditation I connected the OM to POEM, and my spirit started to take wing.

Open ‘thr-O-ated’ I flew off to the ‘O-cean.’ There I glanced up to the ‘mOOn.’ I realized that the sun and and the moon speak a circular language, just like the black round dots on the Bach score which is sitting on my piano.


Does sound have rhythm?
Does it rise and fall like the ocean?  

Does sound come and go like the wind?

Myron Uhlberg, Hands of My Father:
A Hearing Boy, His Deaf Parents and  the Language of Love  

Contemplating orbits and riding on sound waves I stayed inside the ‘t-O-ne’ for a long time until  I gently closed my lips on the light hum.


Occasionally one needs to stand inside of the hum
to feel the rush of God.”

And did anyone else ever notice that tones contain

‘ONE.’ Yes, ‘at one’ – a tone?

I changed the light buzzing of my lips and entered into ‘FFFFF.’ My vocal folds now wide open, my lower lip pressed gently against my top teeth, the wind began to move through me. ‘FFFFF’ preceded the ‘OM’ that followed and caught myself surfing at the edge of the waves.

Frothy ‘F-OM.’

It was one of those ‘M-OM-ENTS,’ and as all poets do, I savored the now and – wondered if the power of now is simply the movement of OM flipped backwards. Living the ‘OM-ments.’

Well ‘NOW’  flipped is ‘WON’

‘Won = one and one,’ and the sign for oneness (completion) is always a ring or an ‘O.’

Can the power of ‘now’ be the power of ‘one?’ Is ‘OM’ the real ‘H-OME?’ And, ‘T-ONE’ good for your ‘B-ONES?’  I grinned. I love skinny dipping in frothy sound waves.

All know that the drop merges into the ocean,
but few know that the ocean merges into the drop. Kabir


My legs were starting to fall asleep and my feet were numb. My half lotus was getting the best of me. And then lurking in my memory bank a question formed, “Why?”  My mind wandered and  the back of my tongue lifted to form a brilliant ‘Y.’ ‘Why?’  I asked myself. And deepening the hummed ‘Y’

I landed inside of ‘Y-OM.’

Yes, I remember learning that once. ‘YOM’  means ‘day’ in Hebrew.

And yet, many scholars share that it is not the literal 24 hours day. It is a time of creation. An age.

And as the sound rippled out, just as the “concentric rings ripple through a silent pond after the frog jumps in,” my body continued to explore the singing consonants, and

I landed on ‘L-OM.’

‘LOAM,’ a word which many have forgotten and yet I know it well. I grew up in the fields and you will find ‘LOAM’ in my song “Journey Me Home.” Loam is very rich soil, perfect for planting gardens and growing poetry.


I will write you a poem, full of flowers and loam, in the colors of earth tones and red, I’ll plant them deep in your heart, and there we will start to live the dreams, that dance in our heads. 

Kara Johnstad,
Journey Me Home

And as I sat in the rich soils of my soul, listening into the sound of ‘OM,’I let out a light sigh.


I was H-OM-E.
Centered. Rooted. Nourished.


‘At one. A tone.’

“The man was staring directly at him now, a curious expression on his face, half smiling, half quizzical. Instantly Eager had a sense of certainty far deeper than anything he had experienced so far. “I have it too!” he exclaimed. “I am a part of this Earth, aren’t I? Just like the birds and the trees and the people – I am.” “Om.” said his companion. Unseen by them, a blossom fell.”  Helen Fox


Voice Your Essence Podcast by Kara Johnstad
click image & listen to podcast
Yes, at home in the lovely powerful landscapes of ‘OM’
a ‘P-O-EM’ was born.

By the way, did you know that in the 1960s and ’70s the Swiss engineer and medical doctor Hans Jenny created a process called “grant cymatics?”

Dr. Hans Jenny performed experiments using sound frequencies on various materials such as milk, dust, sand, water, and liquid plastic. The word Cymatics derives from the Greek ‘kuma’ meaning ‘billow’ or ‘wave,’ to describe the periodic effects that sound and vibration have on matter. source: Wikipedia

He placed the material on a plate of thin metal which was attached to a crystal oscillator. The crystal oscillator was controlled by a frequency generator capable of producing a range of vibrations.


And by the way, legend says there was a time in the distant past, when the Navajo shamans made beautiful pictures in the sand merely by speaking to it. They look very similar to Tibetan Mandalas.

Dr. Jenny invented a machine called a Tonoscope which allowed a human voice to vibrate the plate directly.  He had a voice sing ‘OM‘ into a microphone and the result can be seen in mandala image 2.

Go explore how the OM – the perfect circle and the sweet vibrating buzz of ‘MMMM’ has an effect on you and explore Cymatics and how all of what we speak and sing and listen to has an effect on our world, and our world has a great effect on our material physical body.

Remember, ‘OM is where the heart is.’

Traveling at the speed of love,

stay gold,


PS: And is ‘MOM’ actually emerging from ‘OM?’ Mother earth, the place where all life is born?


P.S. Share with us your experience, and feel free to join the Voice Your Essence™ Community over on Facebook: I’m really excited to hear what you have to say.

Thank you, as always, for tuning in, reading and contributing.


Voice Your Essence Podcast by Kara Johnstad
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Kara Johnstad is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and a powerful voice in the time and age of transition. She is a singer / songwriter, founder of the Voice Your Essence Community  and creator of the Voice Your Essence™  and Voice Your Biz™ Programs.  She is also a regular contributor to The Daily Sisterhood Blog and Community. If you are ready to take your voice and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription of her weekly eZine, at  
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Image: “Inner Circle” by Simon Howden /


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Kara Johnstad is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and a powerful voice in the time and age of transition. She is a singer / songwriter, creator of The Essence Radio Show™, and founder of the Voice Your Essence™ Mastery Program. Leading change agents, healers, personal development speakers and others recognize her as being a unique source of powerful truth and wisdom. As a top voice expert she has helped thousands with her "break-through" voice techniques and shares with us the secrets behind this powerful instrument and the role the human voice plays in fine tuning our Mind-Body-Spirit systems. Kara connects each and every week with subscribers from around the world via her Voice Your Essence™ eZine. Enjoy listening to Kara's soulful music as part of your daily ritual of reconnecting to source or jump onto the next level and experience personally the power of your true authentic voice with Kara Johnstad's VoiceYour Essence™ Mastery Program

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