Al-Arbe’in Valley

That night, I had a strong urge to go for a walk in “Al-Arbe’in Valley” in Saint Cathrine City (in Egypt) where I was spending a few days. It was a moonless night. I took the path to the valley feeling the bliss and joy of fulfilling a soul desire.

As I started, I got my pendulum out to heal myself, then I decided to keep on walking as long as the pendulum is moving. I decided that my pendulum would be my guide. Instantly after that decision, all bits of fear vanished. I kept walking in joy and pride pushing any possibly approaching fear away. I could only hear my footsteps on the gravel ground and my sight could only figure out how to avoid stumbling over large stones.

I looked behind, the light of the city was getting further. Watching my steps didn’t give me much chance to watch my surroundings so I stopped every now and then to gaze at the magnificent view of the stars.

I took another glimpse behind me. I could not see the city light by now! It was dark, nothing was visible but the edges of the mountains appearing with the faded light from the city. I looked at the pendulum, it was still moving! I must be crazy walking in the middle of nowhere where my sight  can hardly figure out the path. My only source of light came from the stars yet I still wanted to proceed and the pendulum confirmed my feelings.

I went on, again pushing potential fear away. I decided not to look back again as it provoked fear. How am I going to go back all that way?! I instantly answered myself: ‘just as I came in’! And I proceeded walking through the darkness.

I looked at my sides, I saw shades of darkness that could be of giant stones or my own imagination! I looked ahead, I could see nothing further than a few meters. Far away I saw shades of light that seemed to me like divine light! A spot of white faded light with no focus coming from the middle of the mountains. Whatever it was, it boosted my courage! I kept on walking thinking I could reach Moses’ Stone that I visited before. When I suspected I was there, I used the torch light option on my cell phone but it wasn’t it. Oh! No cell phone coverage here! Shall I go back? Not yet! I walked for a while more, then I had a feeling I could be lost. I used the torch light again; I saw a wall of stones right next to me. I checked the pendulum; it stopped. I shall rest here then. I found a stone that looked comfy to sit on. I looked up at the stars and mountain tops, what a marvelous scene…  but I decided to lay back. What a view! What a feeling! The sound of silence surrounding me; the feeling of safety, serenity and bliss is all over me. What a bliss it is to experience such a place and moments. “God, please take away my blindness and my blockages” was all I wanted to ask for and I kept repeating my prayers “please take away my blindness and my blockages”. My biggest concern was not to be fooled again. I wanted to be able to walk lightly in light through life.

I spent moments laying on my back that I wanted to last forever! But I felt I should start heading back. I got up in bliss and started walking back again enjoying the sound played by my footsteps and the gravel path.

`Suddenly I saw a wall that might have Moses’ Stone behind. I used my torch light; I was right. I went in and I couldn’t believe the fact that I walked passed it. I had a quick look at it and I repeated my prayers then I proceeded back.

I started to see my walk in the valley as my walk in life. I related my walk to walking through this new age in 2012.I guess I need to focus on my life steps and not worry about anything else. Looking back provoked fear, looking to my sides was a useless distraction. Looking further than my steps was a waste of time. My focus should be forced on my little steps, one step at a time, a step leading the following, forming a beautiful journey..

Our life journey is about following our inner calls and taking little steps ahead!


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

I’m Neveen El-Gamal, an Egyptian 40 years old single mom. I’m a writer, a Reiki and an Emotrance practitioner. I have a published poetry book in Arabic in August 2010 titled “Freeing You from Me”.

I am very grateful to have met the lovely women in the sisterhood group and participate in The Daily Sisterhood.


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