Last Night I Dreamed

by Kara Johnstad

on the sandy shores of my soul

Last night
I dreamed with you
Running my fingers
Through your fine hair

Last night
I dreamed of you
Your face full
And relaxed

Last night
I dreamed with you
Your eyes shining
Being, so beautiful

Last night
I dreamed with you

And this morning
As I slowly awaken
Writing you my thoughts-
It’s as if I’d dived into
A clear cool pool of water.

I feel so refreshed…
So at ease with myself…
So whole…

Last night
I dreamed of you
Although the dream
Has faded with the dawn
Your presence remains.

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About karajohnstad

Kara Johnstad is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and a powerful voice in the time and age of transition. She is a singer / songwriter, creator of The Essence Radio Show™, and founder of the Voice Your Essence™ Mastery Program. Leading change agents, healers, personal development speakers and others recognize her as being a unique source of powerful truth and wisdom. As a top voice expert she has helped thousands with her "break-through" voice techniques and shares with us the secrets behind this powerful instrument and the role the human voice plays in fine tuning our Mind-Body-Spirit systems. Kara connects each and every week with subscribers from around the world via her Voice Your Essence™ eZine. Enjoy listening to Kara's soulful music as part of your daily ritual of reconnecting to source or jump onto the next level and experience personally the power of your true authentic voice with Kara Johnstad's VoiceYour Essence™ Mastery Program

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