A Prayer…

Today I find myself with a longing in my heart.

The world needs to change. How do we change it? What impact can one person make in a world of 7 billion people? I once calculated that if we wanted to meet everyone alive today, we’d have to start from birth, never sleep or take a break, and meet one person every 10 seconds until the age of 100. So we can’t change the world person by person – except that every person we change things for, will change things for the people around them based on the changes we made, and so forth. This is incalculable, and it is deeper and more powerful than anything we can strategize.

So I close my eyes at my desk and listen to my own breathing. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.  With every inhale I am sending and receiving emotions more powerful than any word that could ever contain them.

Please let there be a world in which people are free.

Allow us to live in peace. Allow us to distribute according to ability and need rather than profit and greed.

Show me what I need to do to bring about this change through my hands, my heart and my actions.

The old saying from A Course in Miracles comes around – “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?” – and I hold this.

Two days ago I attended an activist meeting at which the truth was pronounced that our inability to change anything is a lie. It is perpetrated by those who falsely believe they have a vested interest in preventing change – people who live in fear of a lack of hierarchy. For a long time now I have lived in a culture that demonizes and despises people with this mentality. I long to move beyond that, without the perception that I can somehow heal them of this mentality, but holding space for them to move beyond it themselves. I long for a world based on love, we won’t reach it without employing love to get there.

People live in fear. People who long to take action are persuaded not to, because they need to keep their jobs, they need to support their children. I hope those people will see the wider picture, wonder what kind of planet they want their children to live in? Lock arms with us in order to reach that planet. I am asking the universe to allow me the patience to help these people see this picture the way I see it, or even brighter, something even better.

May we heal the fear. May we have enough courage to protect ourselves, protect each other, protect our treasures and our miracles (the National Health Service comes to mind). Fortify them. Make them even better.

May there be love on Earth. May our hearts beat together – may we look after one another.



Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

Sadie Fulton is a 23-year-old with a massive vision for the world and a million different avenues she pursues to help get it there. She grew up traveling and has developed into a full-time activist, full-time lover of humanity, part-time musician, and she is now training to be a life coach. Above all, she wants to reach people and bring on a new era of love. If you want to share with her, get her perspective on something you are going through, or anything else at all, send her an email at sadie.fulton *at* gmail.com.


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