Love Flames

Death of a human being is a blow out of a love flame. People dying are love flames being blown out of life no matter how unpleasant, negative or evil they have been.

Losing a person leaves us with sadness and loneliness even if the person who left caused us pain or stress.

What we feel relates to the person’s soul that is part of us; not to the ways this person has denied or declined his soul.

Sadness and loneliness are of course profound when the pImageerson who leaves has manifested his being and his role as a love messenger.

God bless those who are with us

and those who left

God bless the love fulfilling souls

and the love resisting

God bless us all


3 thoughts on “Love Flames

  1. Dear Sisterhood, I’m sorry to say I’m petty enough to not be able to agree with you when it comes to all people good and bad. I’m one of those trusting fools who choose to believe when a person gives their word it actually means something. There were people in my life I trusted to keep their word to me and actually blackmailed me into giving them more money than I was willing to give but was told if I didn’t give this person the rest of the money I was responsible for paying back, she’d refuse to pay what we had agreed upon. So I will never see this money again ever. Then someone took it upon themselves to call CPS on her. On the Goddess, it wasn’t me, I am not afraid to swear on my children’s lives that it was not me, but all I can tell her is Karma is a real taskmaster. She did pay, not like she should, but still she paid a steep price. Karma has never struck so quickly or accurately within the sight of my own two eyes. They investigated and removed the child from the home that same day. As they should have. But I’ve learned you can never count on a meth dealer with a habit no matter how decidedly good your heart is and if she were to die tomorrow I’d be unsurprised and not deeply saddened. I’d feel for her three year old child for not being able to know a caring parent but drugs were her baby. So your loving flames cannot be extended to everyone or every situation. But perhaps I’m still to pissed to see forgiveness on the other side of this situation. Brightest blessings. Kristen Coffin

    • Dear Kristen,
      You definitely have a point. We cannot love or forgive while we are in pain (out of balance) and it is very okay that we get out of balance because that is the normal cycle of life.. we cannot stay connected all the time.. but we should be aware that in such situations we are ‘out of balance’ and remember to reconnect when we are calmer to regain our balance, then we are able to love unconditionally and see that those who hurt us have done so cause of their lack of love…

  2. Wnature,
    It is I Kristen Coffin and I am glad you responded to my post. I just cannot stand that I’m so off course and unhappy. I’m a Wiccan and I’ve got a ton of cool stuff and I’ve got a roof over my head and a nice computer, two actually one in the kitchen that’s to big to be in my room and one for my room. I’ve got all kinds of camera equipment and stuff this person will never have but still I feel used and hurt and all kinds of mean nasty shit as Arlo Gutherie would put it. I am wondering if I shouldn’t contact legal zoom and sue these two people who broke my heart and my checkbook. I am done helping no matter what the circumstance.

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