Diets and religions…

I never realized how similar diets and religions are until the day I walked into work and overheard a couple of co-workers talking about having a weight loss competition. I believe in Divine Timing, so it really was no coincidence that I walked in exactly at the right moment. I asked them about it,  and I was told they were all putting $50 in the pot, the winner to be determined at the end of 3 months. Someone actually brought a scale to work so we could weigh ourselves. Without hesitation, I wanted in.

It goes without saying that we were already unhappy about our weight, but when it was my turn on the scale, I was particularly surprised. I had jumped up another eight pounds from the last time I weighed myself just six months ago. At the rate I was going, I would be at 200 pounds in another year. This was truly a wakeup call.

A couple of years ago, I had tried eating just whole foods. Nothing processed. In just 2 weeks I had lost 4 inches off my waist. It was working. Then, one of my kids moved back in with their kids, bringing back all the stuff I had removed from my diet: pastas, sugary treats, hamburgers, and the other stuff that kids love.

It was easier to conform to the will of the many than the many to conform to the will of the one, so I just gave up. I’m not exactly sure why I continued down the same path when they were on their feet again and moved out, but I did. Thankfully, the Universe sent me a reminder in the form of this competition.

The day was filled with chatter about which diet each of us was going to be on and we were enjoying the interactions with each other while we discussed the different diets. Naturally, I was going with the diet that had worked for me before. Other diets mentioned were Dr. Atkins, the South Beach, and the Cabbage Soup Diet. It dawned on me that there are so many different diets to choose from, all created to help people live better, happier lives,

The flip side of this is that we also may need to help the creators of the diets. While their hearts may be in the right place, they also have to make money so they can continue to help people. Some of them require that you buy a book to learn about the diet and some of them suggest you go to meetings to keep you motivated and to support other members who are participating in the same diet you are.

Then there are the diets that aren’t advertised, but are still touted as being the best diet for a better life. There is the Vegan, the Vegetarian, the Raw Foodist, the Paleoist, and the Pescetarian. Different diets, different people, all having great results. That can only mean one thing. Whatever they are doing is working for them. It doesn’t mean their diet is the only way, and it doesn’t mean their diet will work for you. It also doesn’t mean that your diet will work for them.

Does this mean we shouldn’t share what we have learned from our chosen diet? Of course not. It is important to share the things in life that are working for us, but each individual can do what they want with the knowledge they receive.

Now we get to the fun part. Go back up to the 5th paragraph and reread the next four paragraphs, but substitute the word “religion” for the word “diet” and substitute names of religions for the names of diets. I think you’ll find that they also work within the content of the rest of the words.

A diet that is working will have tangible proof. You may remember a time when you noticed a friend had lost weight.  Did you tell her how amazing she looked and ask her how she did it? She was probably more than happy to share her story with you, but held no expectations about you doing the same thing.

A religion that is working will have tangible proof as well. A religion proves itself by the health of the soul. To me, a healthy soul is one that can love unconditionally and is free of the ego’s need to always be right.

If it makes no difference to us which diet someone else is on, it should make no difference to us what someone else believes. God gave man free will: the right to choose for ourselves the paths we are going to follow. Who are we to try and take that away?


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

My name is Laura Mozer Davis, and I was born over half a century ago. My life’s journey has included raising three children as a single parent while caring for my parents who both became disabled during the last 10 years of their lives. Now that my children are grown and my parents have passed into the next part of their journey, I finally have time for me to grow as a person, not as just a care-giver. What I am learning, however, is that my destiny is to always be a care-giver. When I started writing for The Daily Sisterhood blog, I realized that I was to continue my care-giving through my writing. If my words help even just one person find either solace or joy, I know my life continues to have meaning.


12 thoughts on “Diets and religions…

  1. Very insightful Laura, and good question. God gave us free will and others like to think they have the right to take it away, with compliance we have agreed.

    • Compliance is a perfect word, Vicki. We are so weak, it is easy to fall into the “fitting in” trap that our egos set us up for, especially for those of us who don’t have rebellious natures.

  2. Fab Laura, it is definitely my belief that we can dip in and out of whatever religion or spirituality we want – sometimes it helps to focus on a particular one for a while, like Zen Buddhism or A course In Miracles, or paganism or a particular author etc, but it always helps to keep mixing it up to keep it fresh – a bit like food!! ❤ xx

  3. Great post Laura! I had to chuckle because this is a perfect way to describe the back and forth nattering (for lack of a better word) between myself and a friend. Whenever I talk about something spiritual she usually disapproves and says I should come to her church. I tell her I’m spiritual and don’t care for religion. When she tells me how she’s still struggling with her weight I tell her how fast I took 12 lbs off when I started the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. She tells me she’ll stick to Weight Watchers cause she doesn’t care for shakes!

  4. Lovely article… very true… what works for us doesn’t necessarily work for others.. and yessss for accepting and encouraging man’s free will as provided by God…
    Thank you…

  5. Intresting : diets to keep our body healthy and beautiful … wonder if religions do that to us too… … would be nice if they did help us to slim our ego a little I guess… not so sure about that … but connecting to God for sure will help us to let go of many burdens we carry around with us… :-)… very inspiring Laura ! Thx !

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