She Waits

Mother Nature Artwork by Michelle Ashley Hannock

Mother Nature Artwork by Michelle Ashley Hannock

She waits.

Sometimes patiently, sometimes not.

Her breast quakes.

Her tears fall down in thundering rain.

Her breath swirls and sometimes reclaims parts of herself.

She waits.

For she misses the love of her children.

The ones who have strayed and think they know better.

Their petulant teenage years have left her wanting.

Wanting the return of their recognition and love.

Yet she waits.

She holds the utmost love for those who slumber.

Awaiting their emergence from the cocoon induced coma.

Dreaming of the spreading of their wings so they can all fly together.

Hope springs eternal upon her mantle as. . .

She waits.

Let’s not keep her waiting too long!

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About Vicki

I was born and raised a Central New Yorker but lived 18 yrs. in Va Bch, VA. I am the mother of two young men, who are 34 and 15 yrs. of age. I have been doing Reflexology since I was 11 yrs old, I have been a teaching Reiki Master for 17 yrs and have been Dr. Mom for my family using therapeutic grade essential oils as our medicine for 12 yrs. Having come from a functional family but living many years in a megalopolis combined with many years of being a catalyst for healing, gives me a varied point of view. Perspective is one of my favorite playgrounds! If you'd like a consultation for Reiki or aromatherapy please feel free to contact me at

2 thoughts on “She Waits

  1. this is a beautiful poem accompanied by a beautiful painting. Really compliment each other well. I love the art work of mother nature as a tree – a tree nymph, goddess! xxx

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