Living from Spirit

Life can be challenging. (Understatement.)

I said to a friend yesterday that when I look up I can see my destination, but I can’t see that I’m walking waist deep in mud, in a swamp. So I expect myself to get there and get angry when I am slow to move.

And you know what? This is perfectly okay. Though it would be more pleasant not to be angry with myself.

It is along these lines that over the past few days, something has shifted in me.



Yesterday I wrote out a list of some (not all) of the things I wanted to do regularly in my life. I looked at it and said to myself, “there is no way I will ever be able to coordinate time for all of this.”

So my guiding voice weighed in, that’s fine. Leave it to me.

I am reminded of a mantra I got from Wayne Dyer – “live from spirit, you are already connected to everything!”

So I could stress about whether or not I’ll get that job I want so much. Or I could write up some information for the work I’m currently doing.

I could go over and over a “diet list” I was given and get angry and resentful at all the tasty food I “have” to cut out. Or I could go juice a cucumber and allow it to nourish me clear through my body.

I could worry about the fact that I seem to have lost my keys. I could turn the house upside down trying to find them. Or I could acknowledge that I didn’t intend to leave the house today anyway, they will turn up, and go get my paints and get painting.

Leave it all to me, says my guiding voice.

Let’s try this living from spirit thing. I surrender. I’m on board.


2 thoughts on “Living from Spirit

  1. Sadie,
    I am Kristen Coffin, a follower of yours that has never gotten one of your posts because I let my in box build up to 728 emails from March 21st, 2013 till two days ago. What you’ve posted has struck a nerve with me because I want to write a to do list and get everything done. I even want the juicer you talk so fondly of. I could use that cucumber too now that I think about it. Nothing ever goes all the way through my body because I take to much medication. A fact of my life I truly hate. But as you said it so eloquently, I’m going to slow it down and do as much as I can when I can and I’ve the luxury of no job to hinder me. I just have a bed that knows me by name and can call me to it from great distances. Thank you so much for sharing with me how it really should be instead of how it really is because no one ever gives anything any time to take affect. Brightest blessings. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. Kristen Coffin

    • Kristen, I read your lovely note when it sent but I haven’t made the time to respond until now. I’m really happy that what I wrote struck a chord with you… You’ll find that small meaningful action will get you a lot further than tons of undirected action so just go easy on yourself, one little step at a time, follow your heart… if you’re tired then sleep! Last night I was tired enough to be dysfunctional by 8pm so I went to sleep then.Slept for about 12 hours. It makes a nice rest.
      Feel free to email me if you want to talk about things – sadie.fulton *at*

      Wishing you all the best ❤

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