Does the snowflake fear its descent to Earth?

It has been snowing in March all over the world, in places that it normally wouldn’t. This year I had my first white birthday. (A la White Christmas.)

This brings about a lot of jokes… I love Belfast in the springtime…

Belfast in the springtime - 2013

Belfast in the springtime – 2013

The other day I was sitting at the office, and my colleague said, hey, it’s snowing on Black Mountain. I glanced and saw the snow surging in from the north of town. I then looked out my window and saw snow beginning to dance its way down onto the street outside my office.

This happened to be a moment during which I was drowning in anxiety, so I decided to put myself in the shoes of a snowflake.

It sounded something like this.

Man, I had a really nice view up there, as a collection of gaseous water, coming together was so painful and now – ack! I’m freezing! I’m stuck here like this, the wind is just going to carry me along now, and I’m going to land somewhere – it’s such a long way down, I have that freefall feeling in my stomach. I want to just float, why do I have to – oh no, I’m being blown in a circle now – up a bit, and around – and that snowflake is so much bigger and more complicated than I am, and its dance is more beautiful. But wait, I’m going to land soon – oh I hope I land on the tree – what if the sun comes out – how long will I get to sit there? Wait! No! Not the road – I don’t want to land in the road – I will get run over and mixed with mud and – no that’s not fair, why is my brother landing on the rooftop and I just missed, I’m so inadequate compared to him with his nice view. Ah! I’m landing in the road. I’m such a failure. Now I will be mixing with sewage really soon…

You know what? I don’t think snowflakes do this to themselves.

But they also don’t realise they are part of a stunning snowfall that wouldn’t be complete without them no matter where they land. They don’t realise that they are no more or less important than each other.

There’s a lesson for humans in that, somewhere…


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