Written by Kara Johnstad

Are you really in dialogue with the world or holding monologues?

One of the greatest problems facing humanity is communication.

Why? Because many of us are holding monologues. We are waiting for a break in the others’ sentence, a pause in their line of thought so that we can begin with our own monologue.

Good thing is, we are burning to share our stories. Burning to share what moves us.

Burning to plan the future and heal the past and understand our lives.

Bad thing is, we are not in dialogue. We are not really coming closer to each other.

We are not really inspiring the other through deeper listening, we are simply taking up each other’s time.

To have our words gain in meaning
and build stronger communities,

we have to understand true and deep communication.

Once upon a time, while traveling through India, I heard the story of two crazy professors. They had spent years working at the university and developing different theories and had spoken and shared their views with thousands of students. It seemed like the older they got the more complex their worlds became. And as time went on they moved from working at the university to living in their own separate universes and went so mad that they ended up living at the same insane asylum.

There they would be seen to speak to each other, in the garden; for hours on end.

What confused many by passers, is that what they said was never related to the other.

This baffled the staff.  They could  not understand why they would smile and nod, even though they spoke of totally unrelated topics and it was at times incoherent.

Finally one late Monday morning the head doctor gathered his courage and asked, ” Please tell me, you listen to each other so kindly and attentively, and yet your talking is unrelated to another. I do not understand.”

Both of the professors smiled. “Yes it is true.” and then they continued. “We have understood the laws of conversation. We have practiced not speaking and speaking since we are very young. We are very proud that we finally understand what is necessary.

First one speaks and the other listens and then we switch.

It is about waiting our turn. We are polite.

“Ah ha! ”  nodded the doctor, ” interesting.”

Have you ever had a conversation

that is truly related to that which has proceeded?

Voice Your Essence Podcast by Kara Johnstad
Watch your own conversations.
Is there a presence, a connection,

or are you like parallel lines that never meet?

Listen to your conversations with others. Are you really listening and absorbing from a pure state of allowing their words to touch you, penetrate you, transform you?  Or is it just an appearance that you are listening.

Be truthful to yourself, perhaps you are simply waiting for a pause in their sentence so that you can use their last word as a jumping board for you own monologue.

Your mind is already racing ahead while remaining polite, trying to find a quick answer, a bridge of common knowledge so that you can then take the stage and  continue with your stories.

Two monologues that appear to be in dialogue. Yet we remain separate. To connect, we need to be present and listening with our whole body. 
Great communication can only come
when we arrive in a space of no-mind.
When we listen and  receive with our heart,

with our intention and with our whole being.

When we begin to really listen and sense the person in front of us, even the deep silent gaps begin to sing.

A touch can move us to write a song. Looking into each other’s eyes can create a poem, tasting the food one has cooked, watching someone paint, and listening to one speak and share  without giving an answer or offering advice or creating our own story out of it, can be a path to deeper communication and therefore communing.

We need to sense. Not think. Sense the rhythm of the words, the imagery and allow it to enter into us.

We are not standing at guard, ready with our finished monologues; we are empty and waiting for the words to arrive.

When we wait
and move from our senses and not our mind,

we begin a process of being in dialogue.

Come Moon. Reflect the light. Come Moon. Commune. Communication. Community.

Great understanding arises when we can speak into each other, through each other, aware and connected to each other, and we do not even need to prove a point or finish a sentence.

We can allow words to lead us into each other’s and begin to realize that we are so deeply one humanity at the end of the day.

It is a weaving together of stories and energies.

The words arrive out of silence, and the words to dissolve back into silence. The words create worlds. We are a part of each other’s world, not separate.

Love is when the sentence does not have to be completed yet it is still understood.

The same is with music. It does not need to be analysed, defended, justified  or tampered with…  It needs to be felt. Sensed. Like a bird senses her song while singing. 
When we listen with the heart, our words are able to move mountains and we are able to come together. If we understand communication we can build very strong communities.
Stay Gold, 
Thank you, as always, for tuning in, reading and contributing.




Voice Your Essence Podcast by Kara Johnstad
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Kara Johnstad is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and a powerful voice in the time and age of transition. She is a singer / songwriter, founder of the Voice Your Essence Community  and creator of the Voice Your Essence™  and Voice Your Biz™ Programs.  She is also a regular contributor to The Daily Sisterhood Blog.     
Images of Kara by Joerg Grosse-Geldermann
Cover Art for “BLAME GAME” by Linda Gavin
Image: “Friends Forming A Circle” by savit keawtavee / freedigitalphotos.net
image: “Couple Sitting Face To Face” by Ambro / freedigitalphotos.net
Image: “Elderly Couple In The Park” by -Marcus- / freedigitalphotos.net 
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Kara Johnstad is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and a powerful voice in the time and age of transition. She is a singer / songwriter, creator of The Essence Radio Show™, and founder of the Voice Your Essence™ Mastery Program. Leading change agents, healers, personal development speakers and others recognize her as being a unique source of powerful truth and wisdom. As a top voice expert she has helped thousands with her "break-through" voice techniques and shares with us the secrets behind this powerful instrument and the role the human voice plays in fine tuning our Mind-Body-Spirit systems. Kara connects each and every week with subscribers from around the world via her Voice Your Essence™ eZine. Enjoy listening to Kara's soulful music as part of your daily ritual of reconnecting to source or jump onto the next level and experience personally the power of your true authentic voice with Kara Johnstad's VoiceYour Essence™ Mastery Program

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