Expert level puzzle skills

Here we have, a guy standing proudly over a mostly-completed 1000 piece puzzle. (I hope he doesn’t mind me linking to his picture.)

I have been thinking a lot about thousand-piece puzzles lately and have decided they are an easy way to imagine how much more powerful the Universal mind is than each of us alone could ever begin to fathom.

For those of you who have ever attempted to complete a 1,000 piece puzzle you know how much it can fry your brain.

But think of this: there are 7 billion people alive today. So in order to have one puzzle piece per living human, you would need to open up 7,000,000 thousand-piece-puzzles, dump them all on top of each other and then start putting your seven million images together.
Good luck figuring out where that little blue square goes….

Now, if that weren’t enough, I also want to stress that each of us is not a puzzle piece but a massively complicated human.
We don’t connect only to four other pieces on each of our four sides and four more at the corners. In fact many of us have 1,000 or so Facebook friends and apparently the average person alive today meets more people in one day than the average person alive 200+ years ago met in a lifetime.

And this isn’t even counting the influence of those who came before us, or other animals, or random factors such as the weather…


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