In 2004, it was my first time to hear the term “Indigo Children” or “Adult Indigos”.  It was my first time to realize I am an adult Indigo. It felt great to know that I am not alone and to realize why I am different. At that time, my life was quite tough but the awareness helped me feel lighter and willing to find and connect to other Indigos around. As I did that, I found that a lot have chosen the U turn path in life. They could not proceed along their journeys. Challenges have knocked them down and they decided to go on in circles of pain hurting others around them. I learned that not all Indigos are peaceful loving beings. Some couldn’t cope with the heavy suffering assigned for us and have turned into negative people rejecting the suffering and the pain in disguise that could have taken them to their full potential if they could only embrace them.

I learned to disconnect from those who’d pull me back and I had to move forward cutting cords even though each had a pure loving seed inside but, consciously or subconsciously, they decided not to nurture it.

As I learned more about Indigos, I looked back at my life and saw how horrible my school days’ experiences were. I saw how alien I was within my family. How lonely and isolated I felt. And how I enjoyed best my own company; my salvation was writing .

Writing  for me was an amazing discovery journey and understandings about myself, others and life. Writing was my guide and my best friend.

I stopped trying to find and rescue other Indigos but they happen to cross my path; yet with my new awareness I was more cautious dealing with them.

I have no idea how much the awareness about Indigo people has spread worldwide. But I do know how useful it is to know about it if you are an Indigo or if you have an Indigo child. The best source of information I found was on that website:

My love and light to all readers and all Indigos.


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

I’m Neveen El-Gamal, an Egyptian 39 years old single mom. I’m a writer, a Reiki and an Emotrance practitioner. I have a published poetry book in Arabic in August 2010 titled “Freeing You from Me”.

I am very grateful to have met the lovely women in the sisterhood group and participate in The Daily Sisterhood.


3 thoughts on “Indigos

  1. years ago i wasn’t sure of being an indigo is a gift or a curse, i felt i was only suffering because of who i am and always wished if i were just “normal”, i had a terrible school life ended with leaving college, lost most of my friends because they thought i am weird and confused, and i never experienced a positive outcome of the “gifts” i wasn’t aware that i have, i kept yearning for an answer to the question “why me?”, “why can’t i have a normal life and just be happy”, till someday i met this wonderful person called Neveen who also happens to be an indigo and also the writer of this post as well 😉 and i can confidently say that my life has completely changed since then, i started to see the light gradually and felt relieved knowing that i am not alone, she greatly helped me getting to know who am i truly and understanding that my suffering is temporary and essential for my spiritual growth, thanks to her i now believe that there is a wondrous life events ahead of me and started to taste the fruits of my suffering…

    i am very grateful to god that i crossed your path someday
    i am very grateful for your support and guidance
    May God fill your heart with peace, joy and happiness 🙂

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