Loving the Imaginal Cells

I am an imaginal cell in the body of humanity.

An imaginal cell is a cell in a caterpillar that imagines it to be a butterfly

Northrup photos

Northrup photos

An imaginal cell is the part of a tadpole that becomes the frog or the part of an acorn that believes itself to be an oak tree. The imaginal cell of the acorn is trapped inside a shell and only breaks out when the conditions are right for it to reach for its potential and the pressure is so great that it can no longer remain. Even once it breaks open it is still in the dirt and must reach down into the depths to anchor itself before it can reach up into the light.

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

Photo by Vicki Willoughby


There are many imaginal cells in this body of humanity at this time, imagining the world to be transforming into an entirely new form, previously unknown to us.

Some imaginal cells are brain cells, holding and managing the intellect. Some imaginal cells are liver cells ,holding the anger and being alchemists. Some imaginal cells are lung cells, holding the inspiration, creating the texture. Some imaginal cells are heart cells, holding the love and shining the light that all other cells might recognize their own light.

Sending love to all the other imaginal cells in this transforming community may we always shine the love in our hearts to light the way to a new future, greater than we’ve imagined thus far and greater than the sum of our parts.

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About Vicki

I was born and raised a Central New Yorker but lived 18 yrs. in Va Bch, VA. I am the mother of two young men, who are 34 and 15 yrs. of age. I have been doing Reflexology since I was 11 yrs old, I have been a teaching Reiki Master for 17 yrs and have been Dr. Mom for my family using therapeutic grade essential oils as our medicine for 12 yrs. Having come from a functional family but living many years in a megalopolis combined with many years of being a catalyst for healing, gives me a varied point of view. Perspective is one of my favorite playgrounds! If you'd like a consultation for Reiki or aromatherapy please feel free to contact me at vaw4beacon@yahoo.com.

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