Hello young lovers…

Hello young lovers who ever you are. I hope your troubles are few.

All my good wishes go with you tonight. I’ve been in love like you.

Be brave young lovers and follow your star. Be brave and faithful and true.

Cling very close to each other tonight. I’ve been in love like you.

I know how it feels to have wings on your heels and to fly down the street in a trance.

You fly down a street on a chance that you’ll meet and you meet not really by chance.

Don’t cry young lovers whatever you do. Don’t cry because I’m alone.

All of my memories are happy tonight. I’ve had a love of my own.

I’ve had a love of my own like yours.

I’ve had a love of my own.

This song is a show tune from the 1951 Rogers and Hammerstein musical, “The King and I” and it sums up how I am feeling tonight.

I have had many loves in my life, but I have been “alone” for many years.

I am alone…but not lonely.

There is still someone very special in my life.

If you are reading this, I want you to know that you are that special someone.

We may or may not have met and we may or may not ever meet, but you are such an important part of my life because you have helped me to become the person I am today.

Everything you have ever thought or didn’t think of, everything you have ever done or didn’t do, and everything you have ever said or didn’t say has touched me in some very special way because we are connected through our human experiences.

It is constant and never-ending. One by one, your reach extends throughout the entire planet.

Your spirit is so full of love that one cannot help but be affected by its beauty.

You are generous and giving, either with your financial resources or with your time.

You are quick to show your compassion and support when it is needed.

You are enthusiastic and motivated when you have a clear goal in mind.

You inspire me to be a better person.

It doesn’t matter how different we may appear on the outside, because we are very much alike within our hearts. We both just want the same things out of life: health, happiness, and love. The only difference is the path we are on to achieve those goals.

A walk through the forest alone can be a very spiritual time, but when there are too many people on the same path it can get crowded and distracting. This is why each of us must travel our own paths to get to our destination.

So, it is with much love in my heart that I promise to stay out of your way as you travel your path through the forest of life. I pray you reach your destination safely.

Love always,



Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

My name is Laura Mozer Davis, and I was born over half a century ago. My life’s journey has included raising three children as a single parent while caring for my parents who both became disabled during the last 10 years of their lives. Now that my children are grown and my parents have passed into the next part of their journey, I finally have time for me to grow as a person, not as just a care-giver. What I am learning, however, is that my destiny is to always be a care-giver. When I started writing for The Daily Sisterhood blog, I realized that I was to continue my care-giving through my writing. If my words help even just one person find either solace or joy, I know my life continues to have meaning.


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