Reconnecting to our Souls

We come to life so small and pure. As we grow, we face challenges that hinder our souls from ‘being’ because those who were not allowed to ‘BE’ consequently subconsciously cannot let us ‘BE’. Yet they are doing what they know and what they can.

Losing the connection with our soul is painful and confusing ’cause it is against nature. The pain is a scream for us to resist or to reconnect. Losing our connection to the soul usually is not a conscious process.

Reconnecting is also painful and confusing. It hurts realizing what we have lost, it hurts moving into consciousness like walking into light from darkness could hurt our eyes. It also hurts detaching from what we once knew or had, that has tied us up, but the ‘reconnecting’ pain is rewarding. It is the pain of growing, the fight to ‘be’. How much of the soul’s connection is lost or regained depends on how far we are as seekers and fighters. The fight is a conscious process as we start to see and act for our soul to survive.

Pain is our guide. Pain means something IS wrong.  When something is wrong, we shouldn’t just turn away and ignore it just because we have no clue what to do about it, or just because it hurts. Turning away from pain expands and complicates it. Yet facing it hurts once and for all, then moves us forward. Pain is a call to look deeper and beyond. It is a lesson in disguise, when we swallow it, we grow, we shift into a deeper phase of awareness. Fearing the pain preserves it while facing it dissolves it. Painfully we disconnect from our souls and it is pain that reconnects us and leads us to experience ultimate being and ultimate joy.

We can never be satisfied when we are disconnected from our souls. The soul cannot be okay being split. So if you do not feel okay or if you are in pain, you are being called to a journey that might hurt but it includes many rest points of ultimate light and joy.

Our soul that one day turned into a stranger to us, will once again – as originated – unite.


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I’m Neveen El-Gamal, an Egyptian 39 years old single mom. I’m a writer, a Reiki and an Emotrance practitioner. I have a published poetry book in Arabic in August 2010 titled “Freeing You from Me”.

I am very grateful to have met the lovely women in the sisterhood group and participate in The Daily Sisterhood.


9 thoughts on “Reconnecting to our Souls

  1. Yes, Neveen, pain is really our friend, both physically and spiritually. Without it, we would never know there was a problem until it was too late. Thank you for reminding be always grateful.:-)

  2. Pain as a way to see where we are standing in relationship to our soul… love every word of this article… shared it on my FB wall … it encourages people to feel diffrent about pain … thank you for this wisdom Neveen !

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