Beyond The Door

I had a relatively large painting on my easel for several months. It started as one thing and slowly evolved all the while with me attempting to venture out into a purer abstract.

I usually paint recognizable subject matter. Trees have been important in the last year or so in part because I love them so much and I see them almost as a metaphor, as the hands of the earth, wise and comforting. But mostly I had been painting trees because I love the line and color.

How to paint something that is purely just lines and color and still make it mean something, still convey an emotion, an intention? This painting is my third attempt and it feels much different. At 36×48, it is certainly the largest attempt.

I titled it “Beyond The Door” because that’s what I kept thinking it was…an image that moved past the concrete, the solid form. I wanted it to start as tightly compressed block and round up and around to where that block just loosens, falls apart and then explodes  apart into an expression of pure energy..that which is beyond the recognizable form. It’s the path I find myself on. Looking past the obvious reality, looking for the essence of what IS.

I just finished it this morning and I have to say I’m not jumping up and down excited by it. Its an exploration beyond what is comfortable, but I think it feels finished, like it does what it set out to do.

I hope it leads to a further expansion, a freedom of opening up beyond what is seen, a widening path along this journey.

Beyond the Door

Excuse the quality of the image. I set it up outside and just took a picture of it with my phone and I’m pretty sure that is a blur of my finger in the top left corner. If you click on the image in this post it will open it large enough to better see it beyond those flaws. Its not a masterpiece, but ..I think it has merit. It is, if nothing else, an important stepping stone.


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