Pain and suffering… what to do with it ?

Guestblog by ❤❤❤❤❤ Sannanda True Spirit

The pain is a natural way for your body… to tell you that you hold on to something within you… Pain always comes when we do not let things flow within us… The moment you truly feel and connect to the underlying reason for the pain you can let the build up pressure be released.. Whatever that reason… is it is vital to connect to it through deep introspection…

Take time to give you space… lay down in your room or go out in the forest… or sit by a lake… Relax and connect to the power and stillness that is always there for you the moment you open yourself to receive it… If tears wants to come – cry… if anger wants to come – let if flow out… if you feel that you need to speak your truth – then speak it out… Forgive yourself and everyone else that may have hurt you – if that is the case…

In your life… you will always be asked in subtle ways and sometimes very radical ways… is this your path… are you true to yourself and your higher purpose in life… Each time we hold ourselves back oppressing who we are – pain and suffering is the consequence…

You my dear One… where born to be a light in the world… to share the joy in your heart… to embrace others with love… to bring those qualities out in the world by being who you are… the true you… a being of light… connected to Source… or Spirit… or the Divine…

Embrace this truth and so much will happen to bring clarity into your existence… Clarity comes when you decide to trust in the deeper connection that is there in your heart… It embraces you with love… because it is your connection to your Soul…

It says… Beloved one… what you are is a miracle… a bright light… Trust in yourself and your abilities to arrange your life to support your creation… your existence… For in so it will happen effortlessly… playfully… That is the law… Dream… pray… act… receive… and give again what you have received… in an endless flow of Grace…

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About Loesja Klimczak -

In the past 53 years I walked, ran, crawled… many roads on an ongoing journey to discover the inevitable freedom of the soul, the joy of being alive, the value of the teacher we call pain, the depth of human wisdom and the meaning of human madness. I have been deeply touched by the kindness in the eyes, hearts, words and helping hands of friends, teachers, soulmates, … even strangers. I have been all of that and all of them. The most valuable lesson I have ever learned is that ‘there’s nothing to fear’. For the next 50 years I am committed to share this awareness in everything I do. It’s a joy to share this blog with sisters so close to my soul and touching your life with my words fills me with deep gratitude. May these words carry the love from my heart to yours.

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