That which we resist persists. Pushing something away means you must stay attached to it. Try pushing against your left palm with your right. Is it getting any further away? NO! The way we’ve chosen to separate ourselves from each other and then try to keep up with the rest is what is causing all this horror. We are ONE organism~humanity. Living on ONE planet~earth. We were given a garden of Eden and have turned it into hell. Our bodies are systems of cooperation and coexistence, or they die of cancer or something else dreaded and terminal. The body of Humanity has an autoimmune disease right now because its parts are turning on each other. Fear cannot protect us from this. There is only one cure. Stop buying into the hype that we must resist the disease and start focusing on the cure. If you’re not loving right now you are part of the disease. Die or change, evolution or extinction. We’re standing in front of an oncoming bus, its not time to debate about it. Its time to love. For those people who are members of my family and will read this, these words come straight from my mother~listen up! You wouldn’t argue with her in life, show the same respect NOW! – Vicki Willoughby

I am so blessed to have met Vicki on the path. She is a Reverend, Reiki Master and Healer.

She captured what I was feeling the last days. Been listening and staying present to a lot of violence that is in the air, and she nailed what I am feeling.

The signs have never been so apparent. Open to love now. now. now. Focus on the part of the organism, whether it is your own body, your family and friends and those relationships that are healthy, nurture NOW and honor those deep connections. When the core is well, look at the community. Now look down at your feet, up to the sky, breathe. Look at mother earth. Allow her into you. Are you over consuming and contributing to garbage and waste, or are you living simply with grace and sharing?

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

Photo by Vicki Willoughby



We are not separate from each other. It is so apparent. We are touched and moved deeply to see children gunned down and hurt, to see women abused, to see bombs dropped, to see elephants poached, to see dolphins slaughtered.

I moved though great sadness this past weekend. It was in the air. I did not want to cover the sadness up, I wanted to embrace it. And I did. Slowed everything down. . I tried not to judge it, tried to honor its space and spent time at the piano.

The sadness meant, that we are connected to each other. And yet in preparation for the big concerts coming up, I deeply desired to transform it.

Sadness, neediness and two days of meditation and now out of the tunnel on the other side. Whew:) deep sigh. My throat is open again. I can sing.

Mother earth. Our home is giving us clear signs. What would we do if our child or mother was very sick, like if she had cancer? Would we separate ourselves and resist more and more? Or would we bow down and embrace the moment. This is the moment. Mother earth is giving such clear signs asking us to listen. To finally, as a humanity, have the courage to look it straight in the eye and say yes. We caused this mess, so lets now stop running to the malls and the tv screens, let’s stop running into our personal dramas and get a sense for the bigger picture that is with us.

We are at a very important time in history. And in utter neutrality, with no push or pull, with using all the intelligence we have been given to focus on giving life and love to the parts that are healthy and well and not feeding the disease with more madness, we rise to the occasion and say, I have heard. I have seen. I have been touched by the events and I am here to add my love and kindness to this world.

Dropping resistance and fear, we could all begin to heal and the world would find the balance she needs to thrive. She is so magnificent. Open your eyes to the sky, the waterfalls, the trees, the blossoms, the miracle of birth. Yes we have been given the gift of life. Soak it in. We are alive.

Responsibility, The ability to respond.

There are many very good souls in this world. Many caring parents, many good kids, many loving shop owners and many people working to save animals from extinction and the planet from more destruction.

What can you do ? What can we do together? The one very easy thing to do is to step out of fear and into love. Nurture the beauty and the wellness and stop giving energy or contributing to or feeding the systems that are bringing harm. The next thing is to join together. Create projects that inspire.

On the Solstice and when many celebrate the festivals of lights, December 21, 1012, a night loaded with imagery of the ending of the old and the beginning of the new, I took a pocketful of songs to the stage and did just that. I walked into a room full of beautiful faces, we connected in breath and tone and we raised our voices. We sang, Love Never Fails, Message of Hope, Different Planes, Open Up and Receive, We Have a Choice and few more:)

It is empowering.

It is an experiment to create a place of deep meditation before we begin the concert program. The music has a chance to take us in further on her journey.

As of this morning it is December 22nd. Happy Birthday World. Happy Birthday Us.

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

I feel committed and focused to creating the next chapters here on earth together of

One humanity. Global love, Global heart.

I am intensely curious to see where the next weeks will take us. The time has come…

stay gold,


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