Your Splintered Self

Shards Pasted Together

Shards Pasted Together

Imagine for a moment every memorable encounter in your life that has left an impression and changed your perception in any direction..Imagine each of those encounters has captured a shard of your fragmented self. Even though you are reading this blog at this moment, you have a million other pieces of yourself trapped throughout your personal history, still living out each encounter, various meaningful  life experiences, regardless of whether they are perceived as good or bad.

Carolyn Myss teaches that until we can go back through our histories and retrieve these shards of our power, our spirit, they continue to play out as if they are on repeat, creating and maintaining imbalances in our chakras. Imagine having to do the hard work of being a detective and allowing the awareness of memories out into your attention so that you can release a piece of your trapped power. This isn’t about ego, it is about creating balance. Each freed shard brings you into a higher level of balance, a wholeness that creates improved health.

The year 2012 is coming to a close. Maybe if there IS a shift, a chance for positive growth in humanity..a chance for peace on earth and good will toward men..then peace surely does begin from within.

Pay attention to where you give away your power and spend some time trying to understand why you behave the way you do. Remember we aren’t always just victims of circumstance. We Can create our realities.

And they CAN be peaceful places to be.


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