Love Song

Please enjoy this encore offering from Ellen Burns

It feels to me our love is getting stronger every day – even the little misunderstandings and disagreements we have had  – fights you called one of them – although they don’t feel like fights to me, far from it – the manner in which we have negotiated, traversed these communication breakdowns and frictions, has brought us even closer.

I love your romantic nature, your humour, your intelligence, your creativity, your reliability, your open mind, your easy breezy manner, your chilled out ness, your huge big heart, your soul, your smile, your ways, your hands, the way you move them when you speak. I love your man hood, your male ness, your sex – I love the way you speak to me when we make love, the way your voice changes, the tenderness mixed with a lover who is confident and strong and intense and tuned in and delighted and in love with me, my body, my heart and soul. I feel like a goddess when we make love – you worship me in the best way.

I love how you are with my children. I love how you sent me 24 love songs for every hour of the day on Valentine’s day. I love that you are keeping magazines for me to look through for our house. I love that you want to marry me.  I love how you have told me that you will never leave me. I love how your faithfulness and commitment makes me feel free and strong and independent and empowered.

I love how we can talk endlessly and never run out of conversation – I love that when we do we are so content to just sit quietly and simply be – even on skype. I love that I know you are not perfect. I love that you are so open to spiritual growth. I love that you love my mind as much as my body. I love how our conversation can go from politics and philosophy to spirituality to silly jokes to dirty talk to talk of never ending holy sacred union in a matter of hours.

I love that you rushed home early on Valentine’s day to make love to me. I love that you love to cook. I love your beauty as a Father. I love how you love your children. I love to see you brushing the kitchen floor happily, while the dinner you made is cooking and while you are looking after your boy who is off school with a sore tummy. I love that you care so deeply for my boys.

I love that the first time you came to stay in my house I found you in the garage sorting through all my dirty laundry. I love that you wanted to help. I love that you quoted Marilyn Monroe to me when I apologised for things being crazy and chaotic: ‘if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.’ I love that you said relationship isn’t about 50/50 it’s about doing what needs to be done for the other when it needs to be done.

I love the way you drive your car. I love your voice when you call me on the phone, I love the smile and laughter and sexiness of your resonant tones. I love the flowers you  have bought me. I love the poetry you write me – I love that you are a natural poet, I love your eloquence. I love your spirit. I love your hands, your lips, your beard, your clean shave, your smooth skin.

I love sleeping beside you, waking beside you. I love you. I love you. I love you.


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Dr. Ellen Anne Burns is an actress, writer, mother, teacher, and student, not necessarily in that order. She was brought up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she has just completed her PhD in Applied Drama. She believes in a holistic spiritual practice, involving meditation, self love and discovery, learning and practising forgiveness, gratitude and love every day. Ellen wishes to support and guide others on their own journey of self and love, especially with a view to romantic relationships. She is a mentor on Gabrielle Bernstein’s and is thrilled to be one of the founders members of The Daily Sisterhood Blog. If you wish to contact Ellen, please message her here, and she will respond as soon as she can.


8 thoughts on “Love Song

  1. This is so beautiful, when i was reading it i felt like ‘this is what i wanna manifest for myself’! It was like you’d painted a picture of what i’d like in a relationship, i’m so happy for you – i’m sure that there are of course human speed bumps and ego-based tussles but holy wow. thank you for sharing, it’s super inspiring and helps re-affirm my belief in that yes there are great consious guys out there xoxo

  2. I keep re-reading this lovely words and they keep putting tears in my eyes… not of sadness… but because they touch my inner deep wish how relationships should look like… posting it on my facebookpage today… this needs to be shared with as many woman as possible… to help us to hold an image for our own relationships… and with as many man as possible .. to help them see what a ‘consiouss’ man is able to release in the heart of a woman. Thank you for this gift Ellen !

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