My Daddy Taught Me

The following is a copy of a publication of an article my father wrote about me when I was still a very young woman. He was the author of many articles and letters to the editor and since he hasn’t been able to speak on his own for the last 30 yrs. I felt compelled once again to give life to his words here.

I didn’t appreciate his methods when I was younger. It has only been in adulthood and parenthood that I have truly come to appreciate everything he instilled in me when I was growing up, not the least of which was the knowledge of how proud he was of me. It has helped me be more confident and strong through rough times in life. From all that I have and will grow to be, I whole heartedly say “Thanks Dad!” and wish for every child on the planet, now and in the future to feel the encouragement and support of their parents as I did.

My Daddy Taught Me

You ask me about women in the home or women anywhere and all I can think is, “Ah, they are wonderful!”

Only one story comes to mind at this time, and that is about my daughter. I have four daughters so why not four stories? Maybe later I can do it, but for now- just one and a small one at that.

Up until my youngest was about 11, she had little interest in tractors. They were dirty smelly clanking things that were too big to play with and could hurt you pretty easily. And then it all changed.

When a tractor needed towing to start and had to have a driver, here was this reluctant but capable 11 yr old. I believe she found that piloting that big machine wherever you chose was a very interesting and exhilarating experience. Besides it could do alot of work that otherwise might have to be done by hand ~ maybe her hands.

So time went by and her experience broadened. It became a joy to watch her perform. Not an instant expert but improving all the time. Her brothers could not match her expertise as could few men.

When some men or women were in my yard it was a great opportunity for me to brag about my capable daughter. To watch her turn over a perfect furrow of dirt  and hide six feet of corn stalks underneath was as sight to behold. When men wanted a demonstration of a set of plows I always offered her services, but the thought of a wisp of a girl showing them how, sort of turned them off. She was wonderful.

But we had our troubles too. More than anything I wanted her to learn.

She hated my way of teaching. When she and the tractor got into difficulties that I knew she could easily get out of I offered no help, I turned my back. The problem was hers. Only in extreme cases would I help.

She was probably right in thinking I was letting her down-failing her in her great need-expecting to much. But my confidence in her always jumped when after a few tears and some cussing (me)  she corrected the problem and came out with flying colors and with self confidence and poise at a new high. I know she felt proud of herself and I surely was.

She is older and wiser now, and a long way away. She isn’t mad at me anymore and I’m happy about that.

But they had a big snow blow where she is and most every car was stuck. Few vehicles were moving. Everyone was cursing the snow and drifts-except my girl. People marveled that she seems to drive wherever she liked and they asked, “How come she wasn’t stuck like everyone else?” Her answer was probably the nicest present I’ve ever received-“My Daddy Taught Me!”

Ernie Kring   January 28, 1982

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