Learning About Chakras

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For quite some time now I have found myself very attracted to learning more about energy healing in many forms. Most recently, I have been taking an online course on the science of medical intuition by Carolyn Myss and Norman Shealy. I have also recently attended a workshop explaining the work of Mona Lisa Schultz, who has also studied I believe under Carolyn Myss. I also have a book by Anodea Judith called the Wheels of Life. A good portion of what I am concentrating on these days is learning about balancing the chakras.

A Chakra very simply defined is an energy center in the body which correlates to levels of consciousness in the light body as well as areas of concentration in the physical body. There are believed to be seven main chakras in the body and there are vast resources available to learn about this energy system in depth. Working through the chakras is a path from physical grounding to spiritual enlightenment which can be accomplished through meditation techniques, yoga postures, and overall increased awareness.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs and familiarity with chakras, I believe most of us are in quest for balance in our lives. We try to balance work with personal life, we strive to balance caloric intake with exercise, we balance our bank account, etc. Just like when we are out of balance we may fall to the ground, feel stressed in our relationships, struggle with weight, or go bankrupt, living in balance creates a means for living in health. Our physical bodies on a very basic, unconscious level work constantly to create homeostasis to avoid a process of disease.

In this blog I am going to try to give a short, introductory explanation of each chakra and concepts and techniques for balancing each one.  I cannot possibly go into sufficient detail to provide a broad understanding, but maybe for those unfamiliar with this system, this may whet your curiosity enough to do some further study on your own.

Since trying to understand this system on my own over these last few months, I felt it important to at least write a blog about it as a form of sharing my recent occupations. In no way is this blog intended to be a comprehensive teaching tool even in an introductory sense.

First chakra is known as the root chakra, is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the color red. It is related to the skeletal system, blood, immune system and skin. It is about how grounded you are, how related you are to your roots, your tribe. It correlates to how safe you feel in the world and how balanced you are between your own personal needs and the needs of any group. Look to these things and be honest with yourself about these balances. If you can recognize where an imbalance is, work to correct it by changing the dynamics of the relationship involved.

Second chakra is sacral and is located near the sexual organs. It is related to the reproductive and pelvic organs and is associated with the color orange. It is related to a balance between love and money, and your relationship with each. Look at how you view your relationship with money and the value of having enough money  in your life. Remember, we are striking a balance, so you want a healthy relationship with money as well as emotional balance. Ask yourself the hard questions and do healing on your perspectives where it is needed.

Third chakra is near what is often also thought of as the solar plexus. Essentially, it is in your gut, relating to your digestive tract, gallbladder and kidneys and is associated with the color yellow. It is balance between self esteem and responsibility and looks at balancing want vs. need. What do you hold onto and where do you need to let go?

Fourth chakra is known as the heart chakra and is located in your chest and is associated with the color green. The heart, breast and lungs are the physical organs related to this chakra, or energy center. It is about balancing partnerships and emotional health. An open fourth chakra is being open to unconditional love. Look at how you perceive love and evaluate the relationships in your life. Remember you are striving for balance in each area and it is not only your actions, but your thoughts and emotions that are revealing this level of balance.

Fifth chakra is the throat chakra and it primarily deals with shoulders, neck, thyroid and mouth. It is associated with the color blue. It is about balancing communication styles between being assertive and compliant and is relied upon in dealing with self expression and securing trust in the higher will of relationship. In balancing this chakra, look at your communication style and how often you are able to speak your truth, recognize the beauty in your voice, in music and in sacred sounds, words and symbols.

Sixth chakra is considered the third eye and deals primarily with the brain, eyes, ears, and nose. It is associated with the color purple. Balancing the 6th chakra facilitates a healthy balance between conservative and liberal mindsets, and focuses on intuition and wisdom. In balancing the sixth chakra, there is a need for spiritual experience and a recognition of unconditional love as a manifestation of God.

Seventh chakra is the crown chakra and is above the head, not being associated with a specific organ of the body but the divine connection to any organ or bodily system. It is the balance between living a purposeful life and the ability to let go with dignity and grace when the time comes. The crown chakra focuses on your relationship with God and spirituality and is associated with the color white.

Balancing the chakras can lead to greater health and emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Rather than blaming our problems or illness on other people or events out of your control, I think it is empowering to do the work in creating more balance and leading a more full, self-actualized life. No one is perfect and I imagine there are few if any people walking this earth that are in perfect or near perfect balance all of the time.

All we can do is increase our awareness, make the effort and do our best. Each moment presents us with a new opportunity to do just that.

Just be present, breathe it in, ask for guidance and do your best.

And so it is.


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