Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Don’t believe everything you think.

I have found this statement to be very liberating. In the flow of life, in the flow of the day, many many thoughts can sweep through our minds.

When I was in Chicago for the summer there were days I thought, I can’t stay here. I have to get home. And I really felt it. There were other days when I thought, I wish I could cancel my flights home. I want to stay here forever. And I really felt that too. Now that I am back in Ireland, some days I feel like I want to stay here and not move to America at all, and other days I would gladly jump on the next plane. These thoughts pass through, I know deep down what my heart wants…

While this can be related to my particular circumstances, it can also be related to yours. I am learning not to take my thoughts so seriously, as they can change with the weather. I am making choices and decisions based on my heart centre and on the balance of my thoughts, on reason, instinct and trust, not on whim.

Learning to watch my thoughts like clouds passing over the sky can help. The ego continues to tell me everything is a disaster and nothing will ever be right. This is the little, sometimes very big, voice in your head that constantly tells you everything is crap and always will be and that nothing could possibly work out for you (a bit like the media, the 1o o’clock news, doom and gloom).  My loving guide inner source goddess tells me, all is well and always will be and that miracles are waiting for me and all my best  dreams are coming true… it’s up to me which one I listen to.

And while I can’t always reside in light and love and peace and happiness right now, I can turn the volume down on the 10 o’clock news. And I do not have to believe everything I think.

photo by ellen

photo by ellen


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Dr. Ellen Anne Burns is an actress, writer, mother, teacher, and student, not necessarily in that order. She was brought up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is a Doctor of Applied Theatre. She believes in a holistic spiritual practice, involving meditation, self love and discovery, learning and practicing forgiveness, gratitude and love every day. Ellen wishes to support and guide others on their own journey of self and love. She is a mentor on Gabrielle Bernstein’ and is thrilled to be one of the founding members of The Daily Sisterhood Blog. If you wish to contact Ellen please message her here, and she will respond as soon as she can.


One thought on “Don’t Believe Everything You Think

  1. Reminds me of the story of the two wolves, the one that lives is the one you feed and the grass is greener where you water it. Such valuable insight. I see so many who appear to feel they are controlled by their thoughts without realizing that they can change so quickly and easily. Just a song on the radio can change your tune! Thank you for sharing this insight Sister!

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