The Lessons of the Heart

Much of society is addicted to romantic love.

I’ve spoken before of the concept of placeholders (see here) – but the more I investigate, the more I think the phenomenon of a placeholder runs deeper than just wanting to have someone to think about.

I have now been single for almost two years and have jumped around to just about every placeholder I could think of. Furthermore, I have an image of the man I am waiting for. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking, “can’t he just show up already?” Lately, I’ve taken to asking myself, why do I need him to show up now?

The daydreams actually have a lot to teach us about ourselves.

From The Most Beautiful Things In The World, on Facebook

On one level, we tend to visualise certain things we will be able to do when our beloved shows up. The last blog I wrote was my own exercise in identifying what I felt I had to wait for. Too often people walk blind through life, thinking, “I’ll be able to do [insert passion here], when my partner is there to do it with me”.

I recommend you take a deep look into your heart and see what things you feel you have to wait to do. You will find some of them will be legitimate – like when I talked about staying in a tent, I imagine a few candles and a mountain top and me lying there with my lover laughing and resting my head on his stomach. I’m sure you can immediately see how some aspects of this dream have to wait for him to show up, but other aspects do not. Furthermore, if we practice living the aspects of our dream that don’t have to wait for our lover to show up, then once our lover does show up, the other aspects are more likely to follow because we are already living on that vibration.

The other lesson we can find from our dreams, is hidden in the answer to this question:

Who do you imagine yourself to be in the presence of your lover?

More on this later…


3 thoughts on “The Lessons of the Heart

  1. It occurs to me on rereading my blog that “jumped around to every placeholder I could think of” appears to mean something very very different from what it actually meant 😛 Ah well, think what you want – haha

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