Resonance Healing

What is Resonance Healing? Well, first we need something of an understanding of what “resonance” is.

When we read something that feels true to us we often say “that really resonates with me” or when two voices sing in harmony and cause a vibratory tone we might think of their voices as resonating. Online dictionary gives this definition for resonance: “the state of a system in which an abnormally large vibration is produced in response to an external stimulus, occurring when the frequency of the stimulus is the same, or nearly the same, as the natural vibration frequency of the system.”

Joy Messick describes resonance healing as “an alchemical process, which blends the vibration/resonance of Earth and consciousness/light of humanity into a new form; a new energy.”  It is a method of energy healing which pulls in the energy of the earth and fuses it with the practitioner’s energy and then is transferred to the client through the hands, much like Reiki.

Resonance healing is not controlled by the mind, but by the intention, and does not cause a physical healing to occur, but allows the body to heal itself. The energy impersonally goes where it is needed and the resonance practitioner does not need an advanced degree or special equipment to make it happen. “Resonance Healing has the capacity to allow us consciously, through effort and intentionality to connect with the vibrational energy of the earth, which is much larger than the individual vibration of humans.”

When my dear friend and Reiki Master Mary Mann demonstrated this technique for me, and then had me practice it even before reading Joy’s book, it felt exactly like what I had experienced when practicing Reiki. For me, even though I know the energy is not controlled by the mind, I like to at least center myself for a minute first. I stand with my feet deeply rooted to the earth and I like to imagine that as I exhale deeply and then breathe in even more deeply, I am breathing in the energy and it fills my body. I feel the earth’s energy rise up through my feet, my legs, my chest and out through my hands. I can feel that familiar tingling heat in my palms and the seemingly magnetic push and pull type pressure that feels like the energy is pulsing through and around me.

In her book, Joy describes this energy transference as “the fusion of the Earth’s vibrational energy with human consciousness provides the unified field that allows us to be fully ourselves.” She says “We all have the capacity to heal but first we need to make the conscious connection with the resonance, which allows us to maximize our potential.”

As with Reiki, I am still learning and practicing, but it excites me to know we don’t have to be victimized or feel helpless to disease or suffering. I am not advocating giving up on Western medicine. Resonance healing is not going to set a broken bone, but may facilitate a speedier process for the body to heal itself. Using resonance healing as a modality to aide in achieving a balance of energy toward good health is free and available to each one of us and it never becomes depleted. It works in support of whatever other type of healing method is used. Why not learn how to use these techniques as yet another tool of empowerment?

This is a mural I painted at our house. I wanted to depict the energy rising up out of the earth and swirling through this colorful tree and out into the sky. The two sculptures seen on either side were done by artist and friend, Julie Seberry

If you are interested in learning more about this technique, you can order the book from this website at is also information there about workshops and additional training opportunities, or you may be able to find a qualified practitioner or resonance healing teacher near you.


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