Exploring awareness… together

Part 1. The understanding

Take a piece of cardboard about 10 x 10 cm, and cut in the middle of it a quadrant of 1×1 cm. Cover with one hand one eye, place the cardboard in front of the other eye and look at the world around you through that little quadrant for about ten minutes, keeping your other eye covered. Then suddenly remove your hand and the cardboard and look again at what you have been looking at before. What a widening of perception, isn’t it !

That’s exactly how our awareness works. Due to all kinds of limitations we often perceive only a little piece of reality. We are focused on details without realizing the existence of ‘the bigger picture’. We see a puzzle of many pieces we never see at the same time. We keep trying to reproduce that puzzle in our head to gain understanding about what our life is.

Our limited perception influences our knowledge, our consciousness, our thinking and our reactions. More than that : what counts for us also counts for people around us, and in fact we may call it a miracle that, with our limited visions, we don’t bump against all kinds of things and against each other all the time.

Actually we do…indeed… rather often.

This article is the first one in a series about ‘awareness’ in which we will shed a light on ‘reality’ from a few unusual points of view. We are going to tinker a bit with the little looking hole in the cardboard and sometimes we will cheat a little with the hand that covers the other eye. We are going to search for awareness raising aspects in our lives.

But first of all we are going to raise our awareness about the limitations of our consciousness.
The first step to expand our consciousness is to become aware of our limitations. Way too often we act as if we know it all, while in fact we are staring at crumbs. It is very nice to read how we are on our way to oneness with the Universe and with each other, how we all have access to the cosmic realities, to be all there is to be, to know all there is to know. It looks like we are heading towards a gigantic explosion of awareness, and that’s fine… but let’s start at the beginning.

We haven’t arrived yet… on our way to awareness we often are still so limited, we still lack so much…
Being in a state of awareness often is described as an experience of ‘all knowing’.
But only he who also knows that he doesn’t know a thing, knows everything. There would be more peace in our hearts if we would really realize how much there still is that we don’t know. Maybe we would get less upset with ourselves, with our fellow human beings and our bumping against each other.
When we accept our ignorance and lack of awareness we are halfway on the path.
So may our aspirations for the expansion of our awareness go hand in hand with the acceptation of the non – awareness.

At this point I would like to invite you to – in anticipation of the next article – play a little with the cardboard. Check out the state of your non – awareness.

Which are the aspects of your life you have only limited access to? Are there things that are hard to accept to you? Which doors do you have a hard time opening? What is it that you clash with or bump against?
Try to take a dive in your own unconsciousness. Try to accept your limitations and the limitations of others. Surround it with warmth and nurturance.
And don’t forget to have fun with the cardboard … such a simple tool to get to know yourself in a new and surprising way … I really recommend that you try it !

We‘ll talk again soon … love and light and peace to you and all your creations.

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About Loesja Klimczak - www.mayanatlantyda.org

In the past 53 years I walked, ran, crawled… many roads on an ongoing journey to discover the inevitable freedom of the soul, the joy of being alive, the value of the teacher we call pain, the depth of human wisdom and the meaning of human madness. I have been deeply touched by the kindness in the eyes, hearts, words and helping hands of friends, teachers, soulmates, … even strangers. I have been all of that and all of them. The most valuable lesson I have ever learned is that ‘there’s nothing to fear’. For the next 50 years I am committed to share this awareness in everything I do. It’s a joy to share this blog with sisters so close to my soul and touching your life with my words fills me with deep gratitude. May these words carry the love from my heart to yours.

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