A Different Kind of Date Night

Raising children is one of the most difficult challenges to do well. Helping to raise step children is even more difficult. My partner and I have been so busy running around and being responsible for everything else, I’d temporarily forgotten the depth of connection we have with each other.

We went camping with another and had a great time, but on the day we were supposed to go home, we managed to negotiate one last night to spend alone, just the two of us at the remote camp site. We worked at building a fire together and cooked dinner on the camp stove, but what we actually kindled was the kind of recognition of the gloriously thick cables of energy that tether us together.

There is a palpable pull when you are with someone with whom you share an intense loving relationship. It is there, under all the crap we tend to build in busy bundles and priorities can seem to easily shift and get tangled and cloud the core.

Many couples schedule a date night to ensure the recognition and respect of their connections, but this often entails something like dinner and a movie. I challenge you to make time together in nature, to spend time alone together in stillness. Yes, you can just be in the same room with the person you love and feel the connection, but a holy relationship is precious and, like the camp fire, needs time and attention to stay ablaze.

In my experience, it is easier to remember the depth of connections when you take time to look at it without all the clutter from busy lives filled with responsibilities. Once you can properly put things in perspective, it is easier to feel that pull of the cord for a while even while you’re back at home and entrenched in a hectic routine.

Honor yourself and honor each other.

That is my prescription reminder for all of us today.


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