Ant Balls

Have you heard of these?

I live in North Florida and we recently experienced a LOT of flooding from a tropical storm. My partner and I were talking with concern about the ramifications and dangers to those that were already struggling with flood waters on their properties and in their homes. This in addition, she reminded me, to the displaced wildlife dangers from alligators, snakes and “ant balls.”

Being a sometimes silly and often very visual person I immediately saw these cartoonish large testicles on an ant and I laughed out loud.  I imagined the ant struggling to walk forward with this large sac dragging beneath him. I jokingly described this visual and she said ”Nooooo, you’ve never heard of this?”

“Ummm, no” I said, thinking she was still pulling my leg.

She reached for her laptop computer and brought up a news article describing this cluster of fire ants that cling to each other when their nests are flooded out in order to survive. I was dumbfounded.

This is a real phenomenon! The ants bond together and can float along for weeks breathing the air that is trapped between their bodies. The mass turns as needed so no ants are under water long enough to drown. Alone, they would surely die, but by working together and taking care of each other, they float until they reach dry land.

I’m pretty sure there is no discussion amongst the ants of race, skin color variations or creed. They don’t base their survival instinct on the availability of money or health insurance. They aren’t hell bent on keeping up with the Joneses or proving themselves one superior over the others.

In times of catastrophe, they cling to each other, each ant working cooperatively for the survival of the whole colony.

And we still think we are the superior, more evolved animal on this planet.

Ant Ball Sketch


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:


I am a 42 year old mother of 3, living in Florida with my partner and youngest child. Like the mythological phoenix, I have been reborn out of the ashes of my former way of life and have, for the last several years, set out on an exploration of self expression through visual art and creative writing. I am immensely grateful to feel a part of every living thing in existence and the emergence of a growing evolution of consciousness within and throughout. I am interested in all aspects of energy healing and spiritual transformation and have just recently become a student of Reiki. I understand there is always a choice and I try to choose love over fear at every turn. I am grateful for all of the other women in this group and for their ever present support and guidance. Jennifer Bothast



2 thoughts on “Ant Balls

  1. I had heard about this phenomenon, but didn’t know the correct term. It would certainly seem that, despite our “superiority” mankind is certainly lacking “them” lol Love it! 🙂

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