Love Song Part 2

Some of you may remember the note I posted several weeks ago, called Love Song –

This was a spontaneous stream of conciousness in celebration, awe, joy, wonderment and gratitude for my love.  He recently did a similar thing. Not to copy or to emulate, which would be fine, but just out of a similarly spontaneous and pure place…. I woke to find this list in my inbox…

I am not posting it to show off, or brag, but rather because sometimes it is truly humbling and delightful and revealing to see yourself through the eyes of another – especially one who loves you in all your aspects, wholly and completely.

With love, ellen xx

” I am so in love with you let me count the ways… when you wake up in the morning there shall be 40 wishes of how I love you:

1. for you, for all of you, for who you are, where you have been, where you will go in the future

2. for your mind, wit and courage of convictions

3.for your laughter and how you make me laugh and smile

4. for your better nature

5. for how concerned you are with me, your boys, your parents, your friends, my children

6. for your adventurous spirit and love of travel and expeditions

7. for your concern of the well being of others

8. for your long, luxurious dark hair that I will stroke, and comb, and twirl

9. for the magic you conjure in your words, thoughts and action

10. for your desire to be a better person every day and how you inspire others to be the best they can be

11. for your bread and butter, your daily bread

12. for your ability to speak the truth, even when it’s not convenient

13. for your desire of abundance, for the best for you and yours

14. for your love of the hapless

15. for knowing your limits of what you can take and what you wont take

16. for your love of self-expression and fostering the love this love in others

17. for your Mum

18. for your Dad

19. for the forgiveness you’ve shown towards those who have done you a disservice

20. for your grace in being able to forgive yourself when you’ve done yourself a disservice

21. for your love of place, of home

22. for your love of country

23. for the love and acceptance you have shown me

24. for your love of poetry and theater and music

25. for dressing up when you want to and dressing down when desirable

26. for your tenderness

27. for how utterly, unabashedly romantic you are

28. for your generosity in love

29. for your understanding of men and women

30. for fostering the love of animals

31. for your love of a home

32. for your commitment

33. for your tenacity and endurance

34. for your love of music of the 1980’s

35. for the love of your Grandmother

36. for your humility and gratitude

37. for the dreams we have spun together

38. for your lightness and heaviness, your depth of person

39. for your ease of personality

40. for your incredible beauty, for your voice

While it’s not about lists, for me, darling you are all I have ever wanted, you are whom I have waited for

and I am ever so grateful to you. ”


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:


Dr. Ellen Anne Burns is an actress, writer, mother, teacher, and student, not necessarily in that order. She was brought up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she has just completed her PhD in Applied Drama. She believes in a holistic spiritual practice, involving meditation, self love and discovery, learning and practicing forgiveness, gratitude and love every day. Ellen wishes to support and guide others on their own journey of self and love, especially with a view to romantic relationships. She is a mentor on Gabrielle Bernstein’ and is thrilled to be one of the founding members of The Daily Sisterhood Blog. If you wish to contact Ellen please message her here, and she will respond as soon as she can.


7 thoughts on “Love Song Part 2

  1. He really sees you ! … and that makes him love you… good to know that there are man who can look with their hart … thank you for sharing this Ellen… I will share it on… perhaps some homepatic dosis of your lovely man’s vibration can be contageous to other men … please thank him for that !

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