Water All Around Us

Water is . . .

Water is Cleansing!
Have you ever felt refreshed after showering?

Water is Fun!
Have you ever run around squirting your cousins with water guns while being chased by them squirting you?

Water is Healing!
Have you ever noticed abrasions on your body heal faster after playing in the ocean water?

Water is Intelligent!
Have you ever seen water crystals form?

Water is Joyful!
Have you ever heard a waterfall through nearby trees?

Water is Life!
Have you ever considered that all life is mostly made up of water?

Water is Memorable!
Have you ever camped on a beach or by a river?

Water is Peaceful!
Have you ever played so much in the water you slept really well?

Water is Powerful!
Have you ever been in a lake and the undercurrents tired you out within seconds?

Water is Sparkly!
Have you ever watched the light shine onto the water?

Water is Strengthening!
Have you ever watered a wilted plant and watched its form strengthen?

I have…
Water brings such joy to my psyche when I hear it, smell it, see it, touch it, taste it and think of it. It fills my six senses with peace and joy.


Please do! Just be sure to include this complete blurb with it:

Lydia Gonzales Moreno enjoys mathematics and physics. Having a desire that everyone has a basic understanding of physics, she has created Polka Dot Physics as an introduction to the subject for children (http://polkadotphysics.com). Lydia is a contributor to The Daily Sisterhood Blog and believes that surrounding herself with wonderful women’s feminine energy is powerful. She also likes listening to hemi-sync waves and healing meditations. She is a mom of three and has been married to a wonderful person for 26 years.

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About Lydia

Lydia Gonzales Moreno enjoys mathematics and physics. Having a desire that everyone has a basic understanding of physics, she has created Polka Dot Physics as an introduction to the subject for children (http://polkadotphysics.com). Lydia is a contributor to The Daily Sisterhood Blog and believes that surrounding herself with wonderful women's feminine energy is powerful. She also likes listening to hemi-sync waves and healing meditations. She is a mom of three and has been married to a wonderful person for 26 years.

17 thoughts on “Water All Around Us

  1. Water is also dangerous … Had you ever fought for yourlife when Sea water waves were Angry? … I had. It was a message … I understood life and death could have the same source ..

    • Its a metaphor for life. We cannot live without water, it can be our greatest healer, it is our substance, it can also be dangerous. Too much or misplaced oxygen can kill us but we can’t live without it. Focusing on our blessings and gratitude is the doorway to happiness where one can choose to dwell. Or not, so wonderful to have a choice!.

  2. Water is also the tears that leave my eyes to help me to let go of pain inside… blessed be all the waters … thank you Lydia for bringing my awareness to it ! 🙂 x

  3. I see all people here trying to see the positive and cheering up sides of ites of life or whatever they think about… I got it now.. I wish I was not that person wearing black glass .. Nice to have such different points of views and visions concerning a certain topic… It is learning definitely .. Thank you ladies … I liked your vision Loesja so much … truely different.

    • @ Missed Logic. We all have moments of wearing the “black glasses”. That is the contrast that in hindsight provides our wisdom. Many people focus on what is “wrong” in life but looking back we find that our lives would not be what they are without those events. From that point of view its easier to see that what we called wrong before was perfect to bring us where we are. Why not release judgment and allow the blessings to be the focus in every moment? If you choose to nourish yourself with the inspiration this group strives to offer daily your wish to not wear those black glasses may come true soon! Thanks for reading and commenting! You are why we do this!

  4. Missed Logic, your contributions are brilliant and insightful, and I wonder what you would be capable of if you decided to leave your black glasses at home for a day and have a look around at the world without them – you can always take them again the next day!
    The agony we go through is one of the spices of life, as ironic as it sounds. Check this out: http://www.katsandogz.com/onpain.html – it changed my perspective of pain forever.
    There is nothing wrong with feeling pain, in fact, we have to allow ourselves to feel it so that we can come out the other end and get on with savouring the daily miracles this planet offers.

    Lydia, what a beautiful piece – I am going to go get a glass of water now and celebrate it – how lucky are we to live in a world where you can walk a couple of feet, turn on a tap and have a seemingly infinite stream of water of whatever exact temperature we want right there?

    much love to you all.

    • Having written this I feel it’s important to mention the majority of people on the planet still don’t have that access to water – that’s why we have to keep building a better world, rather than just sitting around complacently feeling blessed…

      • Is this how you have always lived @ Sadie, being able to just get up off your hump to get a clean drink of water just feet away? So you, “sit around complacently feeling blessed”? If you have not ever lived without plumbing or clean water at your fingertips, I suggest you try the experience. Although, I have had the best of both worlds, I am peaceful and joyful for the experiences I have been privy to. Perhaps a facts check is in order too because it is not the ‘majority’ of people although there are many who do not have plumbing or safe clean water. Yes in America too. . .. I think it is beautiful that you want to save the world and perhaps one day the world will save you!

      • Now that you mention it, for a few months I actually did live in a house with no plumbing. That was in the summer of 2010, in Kenya. In the 21st century in Europe and North America it seems like it’s relatively uncommon for a house to have no plumbing, I’m probably wrong on that because that’s not the sort of thing that the media talks about – here in Belfast a few winters ago all the pipes broke and the whole city had no water for a few weeks, and some people still have outdoor toilets, so there you go.
        As far as sitting around complacently feeling blessed, I don’t really do that, in fact I probably don’t do enough of that – I am a fighter in a lot of ways… there’s a time and a place for it, just like everything 🙂

      • It is one thing to willingly have such an experience and yet another to have it be the way of life year in and year out. But even living without did not take away from the closeness of the family. There is a young man who’s heritage if from Indian. As a teen he entered a contest and he won. His invention was creating a clean water system. He did it in such a primitive manner by using plants. His grandfather had told him, “the one thing humans need to survive is water.” Yet there was no close access to clean water. The world has problems and knowing that your voice is shouting to help solve many of these issues is wonderful @ Sadie.

  5. So many comments…where do I start? There is good and bad in everything. Yes, water is life, but can also kill. I believe it must be so that we respect it…which we do not. Our disrespect is polluting it. Our disrespect is causing tidal rebellions. Our disrespect is causing health issues. Lydia, you have shown us the many beautiful things that water is to us…let us remember to show our gratitude. ❤

    • Laura, my intent of the blog ‘Water All Around Us’ was to show gratitude by embracing the joy of water. I think it is more a disrespect for the human race and all life that water is polluted. All the legal prescriptions DRUGS people (companies) are pushing onto other people are now in our own drinking water being that where I live the water out of my plumbing is recycled waste water. The chemicals do not get recycled out. The disrespect of the human race with the ‘mad dash for Africa’ created the natives to no longer be able to move (migration needed with change of seasons due to water) freely about on the land which was a vital part of their existence due to being so close to the equator but other people wanted to come in and make ownership of the land. Russia had strategically placed factories throughout the land which used deadly chemicals then closed the factories because it wasn’t so cost effective after all, then left the mess behind in the snow (which ends up in the rivers) killing and crippling many with babies being born with birth defects. The Ganges River being so polluted because of peoples religious convictions (no fault of their own), and I say no fault of their own because the Native Americans were forced to accept Christianity or die (The Requiremento) after millions had already perished because of the filth the colonizers brought. Before this organized religion there was animism which was in sync with all but this is about water and not religion. I sent this blog out with the thought of love for water because I believe water is intelligent and just as crystals hold every bit of information in this world so does water. Should I have added that taking cold showers in the winter was miserable; having to walk a distance to get clean drinking for the house every third day was (pre-water bottle time) exhausting; having the fear of falling into the outhouse with all the hundreds if not thousands of worms was scary as shit and the list goes on . . .. The Atacama Desert hardly ever gets rain if in fact it ever does and it is right smack on the pacific coast dry as can be but someone probably owns it and has plans (if not already doing so) to drill oil from it which will just add to more leaks of death into the ocean. Peace and joy is the vibe I was after so this other stuff was left out but now here is the balance.

      • 🙂 Sweet Laura, your reply opened a door for me to let it out. I’m feeling the power of the moon this past week and hopefully the week that follows. Cinco de Mayo full moon energy.

    • Right outside a sauna I visit is a shower hanging from a very high ceiling. There is a string to pull for the shower and the water is COLD. Right next to this shower is a hot tub. When I read your reply @thegildedtongue this visual entered my thought. I have not used the shower or hot tub before but I will and when I do I will feel this power you speak of. Although, I’m a bit concerned that the hot tub may have some unfriendly bacteria swimming around. Okay, perhaps I’ll just stick with the visual.

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